Kathy Raine, ex-Scientologist story #1

The Truth is Out There, Too Bad L. Ron Hubbard Didn't Find It!!



Kathy Raine, former Scientologist says, among other things:

‘The group in Connecticut split up shortly after I was exposed to it, and I made my way to Ithaca, NY, just as aimless and friendless as I was in Connecticut. Eventually I looked around for a Scientology group at nearby Cornell University, and was referred to one in Elmira, 45 minutes away. I soon moved there. It was in this Elmira group where I became deeply involved with the inner workings of Scientology’s beliefs and its social structure. I think it’s accurate to say that Scientology makes itself out to be a “helping” group, which attracts many people. Those who stay get sucked in by a multitude of mind
control techniques that break down a person’s free will. Of course the bottom line is you hand over your own power and believe that Scientology has the key to existence. And it quickly becomes a game of  victims and masters, all down the line — from the “Mission holder” (like the Executive Director) to the student. Scientology is a system of living that allows the fear and evil in people to rise to the surface and truly shine! Everyone in it becomes a mini-L. Ron  Hubbard (maniacal founder of Scientology), with perverse power and money games mixed up with your psychological survival.”

Here is a little something about Xenu.  All hail Xenu!!


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