David Graham flees the cult, ex-Scientologist story #15

Human rights violations drove him out.


Australian Scientologist quits in disgust at evil activities with the cult.  He refuses to be a member any longer this dangerous and greedy group.  Too many human rights abuses.

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Raul Lopez cheated by Co$, ex-Scientologist story #14


DanLeipoldDan Leipold 1947-2007 who represented Raul Lopez

There are many stories about just how far Scientology will go in order to fleece people of their money but this is one of the most blatant.

Raul was almost killed in a car accident in 1985 when his pick-up was hit by a semi-trailer whose driver had dozed off to sleep.  He suffered significant physical injuries that included brain damage.  It was his further misfortune to meet up with some Scientologists at a Ventura County flea market who convinced him that Scientology could help him.  The root of the problem, they assured him, was that he had done something in a previous life that provoked the accident in this life.  In other worlds it was the fault of Raul Lopez that the truck driver fell asleep.  Follow this link for the full story.


The attorney representing Lopez, the late Dan Liepold, beat the cult like a drum ruthlessly exposing the overweening avarice of Scientology.  They not even sold this mentally handicapped man the usual courses, books, memberships, tapes and whatever but an individual Scientologist  talked him into investing many thousands of dollars in a phony Ostrich egg operation.

This case was eventually settled in the plaintiff’s favor and the cult was once again shown to be nothing more than a confidence game in religious garb.  It is a cautionary tale whose message is simply to stay away from Hubbard’s greedy followers at all costs.  And Scientology, what did they learn?  Nothing as always; they would do the same thing the next week, the next month and the next year because that is the way Hubbard set things up.

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David Craig swindled by the Co$ ex-member story #13

There is a good reason why there are far more ex-members than active one.


UK man finds out the hard way how the cult can take your money, your life and your loved ones.

Scientology responded:  “It is a nuisance, because it attempts to reopen something which was fully resolved in 2007. As far as we are concerned, it is in breach of the agreement Mr Craig made then. At a time when our church is enjoying unprecedented growth it is not unexpected that some disgruntled or self-serving individuals might seek to profit from our expansion, or for other reasons try to cause disruption.”

It would be hard to cram more lies into a single sentence.  Unprecedented growth??  HaHaHa.

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Ex-Scientology story #12, Ariane Jackson, OT disgusted with Co$,

Scientology: how many cities have you "cleared" in the last 60 years? None?

Ariane Jackson was married to fellow Scientologist husband Albert Jaquier; a man who was a self-made millionaire.  She was living in Switzerland with her French husband; Scientology of course being the center of their lives.  In Scientology all roads eventually lead to Clearwater, FL where, after paying huge amounts of money, they are taught the upper level courses and get, supposedly, God like powers.  Albert gave millions of dollars to the cult and loaned large sums of money to others.  Eventually the cult had all his money and his fellow Scientologists refused to pay him back.  He ended dying a premature death in sorrow and misery.  The end result of this debacle came back to haunt the cult, Ariane denounced the cult on French TV.  Recently,  as of November, 2011, two of her daughters would tell their sad Scientology stories.

Albert Jaquier

“I was involved in Scientology for 17 years and I attained the  highest available level, called “New OT8, Truth Revealed”. I was  also trained as an “auditor” to “Class 6” and I have studied the  “technology” of “Class 12”. I was a staff member at Flag Service  Organization, Inc. in Clearwater, Florida. My husband was  involved for 20 years, attained “Clear” , was trained as an  auditor and was also on staff. My ex-husband was involved for 14  years, attained “OT7, Cause over Life”, gave his fortune of  several million dollars to Scientology and died at the age of  59, within days of being audited at Flag!”

Scientology is always saying that they will bring sanity to the world.  How does that translate in everyday life?

“The effects of Scientology on my life as a wife and  mother, including two divorces, a husband (to whom I was  married before the ex-husband already mentioned) who was  persuaded by auditing that he was Jesus Christ reincarnated  and could perform miracles but could not keep a job to  support our three young children. How I allowed my children  to be taken from me.

My husband and I, during the period  of our involvement, had a total of 4 divorces and 5  marriages with 6 children involved. To prove this problem is  not confined to just my husband and I, a review of the  marital experiences of all my ex-husbands and his ex-wives  gives totals as follows: for 6 Scientologists, 9 divorces,  11 marriages and 13 children with broken homes. Of these 6  people only 3 are currently married; my husband and myself  are two of them. Only two marriages have survived and one of  them is mine. (I have just heard that my 16 year old  daughter, who is at the cult’s center in East Grinstead,  England, is MARRIED!) This is the result of the cult’s  “technology” for resolving marital problems.”

Two of Ariane’s children have been in the news recently.  One of them, Valeska Paris, was held a prisoner on a Scientology ship for 12 years.

‘They imprisoned me on a cruise ship for 12 years’:

Harrowing claims of a former member of the Church of


Valeska Paris

To read Valeska’s story go here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2068284/Valeska-Paris-claims-Church-Scientology-imprisoned-cruise-ship-12-years.html

Melissa Paris, Valeska’s Sister, And Her Own Ordeal in

Scientology’s Cadet and Sea Orgs: Forced to Marry at 16

To read the story go here: http://blogs.villagevoice.com/runninscared/2011/12/melissa_paris_valeska_paris_scientology_sea_org_forced_to_marry_at_16.php

Diary of a dying Scientologist OT7 , Albert Jaquier gave his all for Scientology; but what did he get in return??


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Dr Donna Shannon, the cult lies, ex-Scientology story #11


“Dr. Shannon in her short time in the Sea Org (really should be ‘sales org’)says this about her time on staff:

I was a public Scientologist from 1995 until 2005, when I finally got beaten down enough to join the Sea Organization at FLAG. I was auditing on OT VII at the time. I realize now that it was the best thing I could have done, because what I saw there caused me to leave. I’ll never again have to spend my money on bogus causes, like auditing or “helping clear the planet”. As horrifying as my experience was, it did wake me up! And life goes on. . .

I’ll start by just listing a few of the many outpoints I saw (I made my decision to leave based on WHAT I ACTUALLY SAW THERE, not the internet or anything else. As a “good Scientologist”, I didn’t pay any attention to “entheta”. My purpose here is to share with others my own experiences, so that they don’t need to spend over a million dollars, and join the SO, just to learn what I now know.)

“I was told that my husband and I would always have the same schedule, that we could eat together, and have the same days off. Another lie. We had ONE day off together in the 3 months we were there.

The screaming, foul language, and invalidation, caused a general unease in the area that was so thick you could cut it with a knife. People in the SO have very low morale. They can’t trust each other. They won’t help each other. Once the Board I/C, Geary Titus, actually STOMPED on my feet when I was new, and trying to look at the availability of auditing rooms for my public to use.

The main method used to control the staff in the FSO is intimidation, threats, and invalidation.” . . .

So many SO members are alone, penniless, foreign (and the SO tries to take your passport), and unfamiliar with the area, so it becomes a much harder thing to just stand up to them and walk away. A common thing that is done is moving a member’s posessions to another room with no warning. This severs ties with roommates that might get too friendly, and confide in each other. Really, when in the SO, you are alone. You have no one to talk to. Any complaints will go uplines, and there’s a good chance you will go to the RPF, and never be seen again. You have to be tough as nails to get out, and really believe in yourself- which is hard to do once you’ve been indoctrinated (brainwashed) enough to join the SO.”

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Patty (Pieniadz) Moher, Narconon a front group, ex-Scientology story #10

Scientology has the oldest addiction of them all: greed for money.


Patty (Pieniadz) Moher was in ED of a state Narconon program and also a Scientologist for 27 years.  Narconon tries to pretend that it is not a Scientology front group but the links have been exposed many times in the past.  It is just another hoax that the cult uses to make money.

Here is a very telling interview about Narconon done in Canada.  Patty is able to make some very hard-hitting comments about just what a farce Scientology is and why Narconon cannot be called Scientific in any manner.

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Diana Voegeding, sordid tale of the RPF, ex-Scientologist story #9

The paramilitary sales force of Scientology


Diana Voegeding was sent to the internal prison system of Scientology.  She would have been treated much better in a US fedral prison than this hell hole in the desert.  The great humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard left this as one of his great gifts to mankind.  Diana’a story is a compelling one and the kind of story too often found when researching this nasty cult.

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Yolanda Howell, Hell in the SO, Child Neglect, ex-member story #8


Yolanda was lied to by the SO recruiter about living and working conditions for staff members.  She got a rude awakening.  Read for yourself what pig stys berthing quarters are and how they are jammed into such places like sardines.  All of this in a cult with close to a billion dollars in bank accounts.  Ever wonder how they got it?  One way was to treat staffers like they were dirt and never spend money on them.

“The ill-effects of scientology on my family were devastating and permanent. When we joined scientology we were generally a loving and happy family. We had just built an upscale house in the suburbs with all the amenities. My husband and I sought to provide our family with the stability and caring that they required. I was only 21, and had three children, ages four months, one year and three years.

Within one year after joining scientology we were divorced and had moved the children four times. My children and I were living in squalor in the Sea Org.

I joined scientology staff at the local mission. This quickly drove my husband crazy. He came to the mission to kill everyone and threatened to blow his head off with a shotgun. I acquired sole legal custody after the incident. Someone at the mission “handled” him and he went on staff, too. He could not pay child support.

I joined the Sea Org after being told by a Flag recruiter that we would be given a “lovely” apartment. My children, over my protests, were taken from me and sent to live at the Cadet Org several blocks away. I was given training which I later had to pay back as a freeloader’s debt. The promises of a wonderful environment — the most ethical on the planet — were lies. The slum in my home city did not even approximate the vile conditions to which we were subjected in scientology. My children were kept filthy — their toys and clothing were distributed throughout the Cadet Org. No one owned anything. . .

One little baby I knew in the Sea Org got herpes during a Cadet Org epidemic. A 14 year old girl disclosed to me how she and a few other little girls were leaving the Cadet Org in the daytime and performing sexual services for one of the girl’s uncles in exchange for money. A man who worked in the Cadet Org admitted he was sexually molesting the children. Although these incidents were written up, as far as I know they were never “handled.”

I saw one staff member’s child, who had been declared a Suppressive Person at age 12, turned out onto the street with no means of support. When he tried to sneak into the galley line to get some food, he was physically jumped by two adults who forced him outside again. . .

Another family always delivered their children at home and never reported the births. If their children ever want to join society, there will be no record of them. I knew of another baby who died during a home birth with the cord wrapped around its neck — a simple procedure with adequate hospital care. But scientologists don’t believe in that sort of thing.”

Welcome to the wonderful world of L. Ron Hubbard.


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Michael Tilse on Hubbard’s Death, ex-Scientologist story #7

Hubbard, just another tired looking old man.


Scientologist member Michael Tilst traveled to San Luis Obispo, California to read for himself the documents concerning Hubbard’s death.  He read the ME’s report about drugs found in Hubbard’s body.  Hubbard’s life was a lie, an invention puffed up to make him money.  And OT III was nothing more than Science fiction drivel.

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Forced abortions in the Sea Org, ex-Scientologist story #6

There is very little happiness in Scientology


Laura DeCrescenzo (aka Laura Dieckman) tells a reporter about forced abortions in Scientology and the lies that got her there in the first place.  This is not the first time the subject of forced abortions in the SO has come up.  Little Davie thinks kids are a distraction and detract from the slaves production time.

Part two:

Since the above was posted there has been a lot of attention on the issue of forced abortions in Scinentology.  Laura DeCrescenzo is now suing Scientology in court over this matter.  Recently the cult was forced to turn over their records on Laura, all 18,000 pages of it.  As it is not possible for this blog to keep up with what is going on the readers are advised to simply Google, “Scientology Laura DeCrescenzo lawsuit,” for updates.  Below is another story on the same theme.  


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