Ex-Scientology story #12, Ariane Jackson, OT disgusted with Co$,

Scientology: how many cities have you "cleared" in the last 60 years? None?

Ariane Jackson was married to fellow Scientologist husband Albert Jaquier; a man who was a self-made millionaire.  She was living in Switzerland with her French husband; Scientology of course being the center of their lives.  In Scientology all roads eventually lead to Clearwater, FL where, after paying huge amounts of money, they are taught the upper level courses and get, supposedly, God like powers.  Albert gave millions of dollars to the cult and loaned large sums of money to others.  Eventually the cult had all his money and his fellow Scientologists refused to pay him back.  He ended dying a premature death in sorrow and misery.  The end result of this debacle came back to haunt the cult, Ariane denounced the cult on French TV.  Recently,  as of November, 2011, two of her daughters would tell their sad Scientology stories.

Albert Jaquier

“I was involved in Scientology for 17 years and I attained the  highest available level, called “New OT8, Truth Revealed”. I was  also trained as an “auditor” to “Class 6” and I have studied the  “technology” of “Class 12”. I was a staff member at Flag Service  Organization, Inc. in Clearwater, Florida. My husband was  involved for 20 years, attained “Clear” , was trained as an  auditor and was also on staff. My ex-husband was involved for 14  years, attained “OT7, Cause over Life”, gave his fortune of  several million dollars to Scientology and died at the age of  59, within days of being audited at Flag!”

Scientology is always saying that they will bring sanity to the world.  How does that translate in everyday life?

“The effects of Scientology on my life as a wife and  mother, including two divorces, a husband (to whom I was  married before the ex-husband already mentioned) who was  persuaded by auditing that he was Jesus Christ reincarnated  and could perform miracles but could not keep a job to  support our three young children. How I allowed my children  to be taken from me.

My husband and I, during the period  of our involvement, had a total of 4 divorces and 5  marriages with 6 children involved. To prove this problem is  not confined to just my husband and I, a review of the  marital experiences of all my ex-husbands and his ex-wives  gives totals as follows: for 6 Scientologists, 9 divorces,  11 marriages and 13 children with broken homes. Of these 6  people only 3 are currently married; my husband and myself  are two of them. Only two marriages have survived and one of  them is mine. (I have just heard that my 16 year old  daughter, who is at the cult’s center in East Grinstead,  England, is MARRIED!) This is the result of the cult’s  “technology” for resolving marital problems.”

Two of Ariane’s children have been in the news recently.  One of them, Valeska Paris, was held a prisoner on a Scientology ship for 12 years.

‘They imprisoned me on a cruise ship for 12 years’:

Harrowing claims of a former member of the Church of


Valeska Paris

To read Valeska’s story go here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2068284/Valeska-Paris-claims-Church-Scientology-imprisoned-cruise-ship-12-years.html

Melissa Paris, Valeska’s Sister, And Her Own Ordeal in

Scientology’s Cadet and Sea Orgs: Forced to Marry at 16

To read the story go here: http://blogs.villagevoice.com/runninscared/2011/12/melissa_paris_valeska_paris_scientology_sea_org_forced_to_marry_at_16.php

Diary of a dying Scientologist OT7 , Albert Jaquier gave his all for Scientology; but what did he get in return??


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