Rape Cover-up, Tommy Gorman, ex-Scientology story #4

Run away and keep running, good advice about Scientology.

There are a number of Scientologists that should have gone to jail for attempting to cover-up a rape of an under age girl by another, adult cult member.  This story is sickening.  Scientologists would rather anything happen to a young girl than get into ethics trouble for calling the police.  The so-called wins in this cult are only lies and mental illness.

I asked if she was wearing her turtleneck because she was trying to hide something. I finally got her to let me look under the neck area of the turtleneck. Jennifer had some mark on her neck. When I looked at it closely later on, I saw that she had a right hand mark on her neck when I was looking at her on my left side. She had a thumbprint on her neck on my right side and a couple of finger marks.

I asked Jennifer if I could see her arm, and then saw a mark on her arm, she told me she also had a mark on her leg. Jennifer said, “No one will believe me, and Gabriel will kill me and my whole family.”

I spent the rest of that night trying to comfort Jennifer. I asked whether Gabriel did this, she said “yes.” She finally admitted that Gabriel had raped her. It was clear to me that Gabriel had threatened Jennifer’s life and had raped her and choked her.

Gabriel was a Scientology staff member at the org in Mountain View, and because of “high production” as reflected by his “statistics,” meant that he made Scientology a lot of money. Because of this he was considered by Scientology policy, written by L Ron Hubbard, to be “above the law.” This policy is called the “Kha Khan” Policy.

For the full story go here: http://www.lermanet.com/tomgorman/tommygorman.htm

Here is Tommy on YouTube talking about a taste of “fair game,” he got.

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