Raul Lopez cheated by Co$, ex-Scientologist story #14


DanLeipoldDan Leipold 1947-2007 who represented Raul Lopez

There are many stories about just how far Scientology will go in order to fleece people of their money but this is one of the most blatant.

Raul was almost killed in a car accident in 1985 when his pick-up was hit by a semi-trailer whose driver had dozed off to sleep.  He suffered significant physical injuries that included brain damage.  It was his further misfortune to meet up with some Scientologists at a Ventura County flea market who convinced him that Scientology could help him.  The root of the problem, they assured him, was that he had done something in a previous life that provoked the accident in this life.  In other worlds it was the fault of Raul Lopez that the truck driver fell asleep.  Follow this link for the full story.


The attorney representing Lopez, the late Dan Liepold, beat the cult like a drum ruthlessly exposing the overweening avarice of Scientology.  They not even sold this mentally handicapped man the usual courses, books, memberships, tapes and whatever but an individual Scientologist  talked him into investing many thousands of dollars in a phony Ostrich egg operation.

This case was eventually settled in the plaintiff’s favor and the cult was once again shown to be nothing more than a confidence game in religious garb.  It is a cautionary tale whose message is simply to stay away from Hubbard’s greedy followers at all costs.  And Scientology, what did they learn?  Nothing as always; they would do the same thing the next week, the next month and the next year because that is the way Hubbard set things up.

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