Yolanda Howell, Hell in the SO, Child Neglect, ex-member story #8


Yolanda was lied to by the SO recruiter about living and working conditions for staff members.  She got a rude awakening.  Read for yourself what pig stys berthing quarters are and how they are jammed into such places like sardines.  All of this in a cult with close to a billion dollars in bank accounts.  Ever wonder how they got it?  One way was to treat staffers like they were dirt and never spend money on them.

“The ill-effects of scientology on my family were devastating and permanent. When we joined scientology we were generally a loving and happy family. We had just built an upscale house in the suburbs with all the amenities. My husband and I sought to provide our family with the stability and caring that they required. I was only 21, and had three children, ages four months, one year and three years.

Within one year after joining scientology we were divorced and had moved the children four times. My children and I were living in squalor in the Sea Org.

I joined scientology staff at the local mission. This quickly drove my husband crazy. He came to the mission to kill everyone and threatened to blow his head off with a shotgun. I acquired sole legal custody after the incident. Someone at the mission “handled” him and he went on staff, too. He could not pay child support.

I joined the Sea Org after being told by a Flag recruiter that we would be given a “lovely” apartment. My children, over my protests, were taken from me and sent to live at the Cadet Org several blocks away. I was given training which I later had to pay back as a freeloader’s debt. The promises of a wonderful environment — the most ethical on the planet — were lies. The slum in my home city did not even approximate the vile conditions to which we were subjected in scientology. My children were kept filthy — their toys and clothing were distributed throughout the Cadet Org. No one owned anything. . .

One little baby I knew in the Sea Org got herpes during a Cadet Org epidemic. A 14 year old girl disclosed to me how she and a few other little girls were leaving the Cadet Org in the daytime and performing sexual services for one of the girl’s uncles in exchange for money. A man who worked in the Cadet Org admitted he was sexually molesting the children. Although these incidents were written up, as far as I know they were never “handled.”

I saw one staff member’s child, who had been declared a Suppressive Person at age 12, turned out onto the street with no means of support. When he tried to sneak into the galley line to get some food, he was physically jumped by two adults who forced him outside again. . .

Another family always delivered their children at home and never reported the births. If their children ever want to join society, there will be no record of them. I knew of another baby who died during a home birth with the cord wrapped around its neck — a simple procedure with adequate hospital care. But scientologists don’t believe in that sort of thing.”

Welcome to the wonderful world of L. Ron Hubbard.


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