Michael Argue, OTVII, coercion and intimidation, ex-Scientology story #16


Don’t let the above picture fool you.  The staff in Scientology are poorly fed and housed, their pay is a joke and they spend most of their times either yelling at others or being screamed at themselves.

Michael Argue was a victim of the Toronto Org.  As usual in these cases he was lied to repeatedly and taken for every cent they Scientology could steal from him and of course  they treated him like dirt all the while they were cheating him.  A sad story for sure but like many, many others.  “Yes, people going to the bank and getting huge sums of money, especially when the senior financial policy of Scientology seemed to be:Never spend more than what you make.(ha,ha,ha) Also the first pay I received on staff was approximately 5-6$.This was for an 80 hour work week. I was told about proportionate pay as the reason and assumed I would make more as I got trained. I also was quite idealistic as I thought ‘we were helping the world’ so…I decided I could put up with some deprivation for so worthy a goal.”

More about life on staff.  

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