Ex-Scientologist story #24, “bullshit levels.”

Danger: greedy cult at work!!

Rob Thomas came to a conclusion about the worth of the so-called “Bridge” in Scientology and the upper level OT courses.  His comments are sharp and to the point.

“Yes, I realized that hubbard’s ‘the best way to trap a thetan is a mystery sandwich’ finally got to me. That quote explains the secrecy of the bullshit levels. I also knew I would never want to pay 500k to go up a bridge that didn’t exist. “

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A former member talks about the OT levels. 

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Science Fiction during Hubbard’s time, origins of OT III

Astonishing Stories, November, 1940

I have just started reading Counterfeit Dreams by Jeff Hawkins who spent 35 years in Scientology before getting out.  He mentions the hunger for the great secrets of the advanced courses repeatedly as a reason for joining, and then staying.  He was enthralled by the mystery of the OT levels and the Wall of Fire.

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Science Fiction during Hubbard’s time, origins of OT III

Shown above a cover of Astounding Science Fiction, July, 1938.  It was here that he published his first sci-fi story.  Twelve years later he gave up writing for a penny a word when he hit the jack-pot with Dianetics.  Interestingly enough he published his “New Science of the Mind,” in this same magazine.

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Origins of OT III, Sci-Fi in Hubbard’s Time

Thrilling Wonder Stories, December, 1948

As I have related in other posts I think the origins of the OT levels is easy to find.  One has to look no further than the science fiction of his day.  Of course nobody but a Scientologist would give credence to the Wall of Fire story in OT III and sometimes the cult members react violently to it.  Finding out that they are covered by a second skin composed of the spirits of dead aliens has made some of them fall to the floor and writhe as in pain.  Others became hysterical and shouted or cried.  A few, I don’t know how many but I do know of two for sure, closed the course book in disgust.  They knew they had been had.

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Ex-Scientologist story #23, Ed Hattaway

The Truth is Out There, a hint though, it’s not in Scientologoy.

Ed Hattaway said to Scientology, “You assholes don’t make OT’s- There are NO OT’s- just a bunch of poor broke saps with ruined lives. Oh yeah, they smile in the brochures, but take a picture of them a year later. Some, if not many, mortgage their entire LIVES and you could give a piss.” 

Ed is a chiropractor who fell in with Sterling Management, a vampire front group for Scientology and they bled him dry.  He wrote the dirty Scientology crooks a couple of blistering letters demanding his money back, very much worth reading.


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