Hubbard before Sci-Fi, horse operas

Hubbard’s first published stories, starting in the early 1930’s, were often westerns.  These were low-brow efforts for the average Joe.  Horse operas, complained one pulp writer of the time, were often written by bell hops.  The pay for such literary gems was low.  Hubbard had to crank stories out in volume to make anything, today most people would find these stories a joke.

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One only has to look at the science fiction field in the 1930’s and 40’s to see where Hubbard got the inspiration for OT III.  The space operas of that era were full of stories about galactic ruler, revolts, and such.  In the fantasy magazines, like Unknown, where Hubbard’s stories were sometimes published, we find wandering spirits, condemned spirits and the like.  It was not a great leap for a mind like Hubbard’s, to talk about brainwashing thetans.

Planet Stories, Spring, 1942

 Busty women were par for the course on covers.  Teen boys and young adults were the primary buyers so the artists played to that audience.  Many a teen boy must have felt a tingle when looking over the drugstore magazine rack and seeing such bra-busting beauties!!

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Scientology (Deutschland) über alles

I agree with the premise of this clip but I would make the observation that compared to the Nazis Scientology is very inept and incompetent.  Sometime I will post some of their internal documents in this blog.  Such armatures, they couldn’t lead a one car parade.  They would love to command such power and attention as the Nazis but are just not up to the task.

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Scientology Kills !!! Not just another crazy cult.

There is a lot more to Scientology than their crazy OT level teachings about Xenu.  There is a very real danger in getting involved with these people.  In the race to empty your bank account you may suffer some very unpleasant truths about this cult and L. Ron Hubbard.

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The Most Authorative Lisa McPherson Video Ever Made

This is so hard to watch.  This girl died a terrible death all to no purpose.  The dozen or more Scientologists who should have gone to jail for long periods of time went free.  None were charged with the clear violations of destroying evidence or obstructing justice or negligent homicide.

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