Andre Tabayoyon, ex-Scientologist story #27, more abuse

Andre served in many capacities with Scientology including being Hubbard’s steward/butler.  Of course he was in the RPF, anybody who was anybody served a stint in the nasty prison system and forced work camps.  They had to be broken down a bit to be suitable clay for Hubbard, and later little David.   Did I say he held a few jobs in the cult??  Here is the list.  You will note they even have an RPF for children!!  Follow the link for the rest of the story.

a. Commanding Officer, Master at Arms;
b. Missionary Unit, Commanding Officer;
C. Executive Director, Portland Crusade;
d. D/Executive Director, Los Angeles Crusade;
e. L. Ron Hubbard’s Butler;
f. Executive Establishment Officer;
g. RPF Bosun WUS, Children’s RPF Bosun
h. LRH Spaces Set Up Mission 2nd;
i. LRH Studio Construction Mission In Charge;
J. LRH Renovations Mission In Charge;
k. Utilities Installation Officer;
l. Registrar;
M. Sea Org Recruiter;
n. Sea Org Ethics Officer;
0. Sea Org Officer;
P. Missionary;
q. Security Mission In Charge;
r. Berthing Security Watch, Hemet (Rover);
S. RPF Tech In Charge;
t. RPF Case Supervisor;
U. RPF Section Leader;
V. RPF Member;
W. RPF Qualifications In Charge; and
X. Estates Project Force Mission In Charge.

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