Ex-Scientologist story #26, Homer Schomer, abuse in the RPF

The Ex-Files, the truth is out there, not in Scientology though.

The RPF (rehabilitation project force) is the terrible prison system within the cult of Scientology.  It is a small sample of the world Hubbard wants for the rest of us.  It is a shame and blot to our country that such things go on in the “Land of the free.”  Homer was at the top of the cult, he was Hubbard’s chief banking officer, but there is no safe place within Scientology.  Here he is speaking about life on the Apollo, this is what happened on the watch of the “great humanitarian” l. Ron Hubbard:

Life in the RPF was despicable and degrading. You lost all sense of self-esteem, freedom and human dignity. It was a world unto itself and you felt like a leper or a member of the caste “The Untouchables”. You could not speak to other crew members unless you were spoken to and you had to “run” everywhere. The conditions were even worse than on board the regular quarters, damp, cold and, again, roach infested. The food was substandard and members of the RPF only ate after others had eaten. Often there was little leftover food. Members of the RPF were forced to wear black boiler suits. We slept very little everyday and awoke each morning to swab the decks. We were allowed 30 seconds to shower and had to be up and ready in the morning within 15 minutes. There was supposed to be time for study and auditing, but this rarely occurred.

To find out more about what Homer went through go here:http://www.xenu-directory.net/documents/schomer19860318.html


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  1. I heard that Heber is imprisoned on an RPF now.

    • I believe he’s in “The Hole” at Gold. Has been for a very long time.

  2. RPF wasn’t intended to be degrading and dispicable. It wasn’t pure LRH, Ken Urquhart kind of put it together with LRH’s suggestion and approval. The way it started and the alterations after that are two different things. It really was originally designed to help those who particularily needed it. It ended up as something else entirely, which is really an embarrassment to Ken.

    • Nope, the RPF is all Hubbard. He micromanaged it from the start. I have talked with a number of people who were on the “Apollo” and this is what they tell me. It did not start with the RPFeither, first there was putting people in the chain locker for a couple of days, with a bucket as a toilet, and no TP either. Then there was “overboarding” where people were tossed over the side of the ship into the dirty, filthy Corfu harbor water. Then came the RPF, the worst abuses happened right under Hubbard’s nose, in fact he sent a good many of the crew to the RPF himself. People who want to alter history to make LRH see, hear, and do no evil have a tough row to hoe. To blame Ken Urquhart for the abuses is to re-write history and shows a wilfull ignorance of Hubbard’s life.

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