Stacy Brooks Young, ex-Scientology story #28

True Stories from an Evil Cult.

Stacy Brooks Young worked her way upwards in the Sea Org she made it into the Guardians Office and other Scientology entities. Too bad for her that she got high enough up to end up in the nasty internal prison system known as the RPF. All top members go through it to make sure that they are beaten down enough to cower in front of the fearless short-ass, David Miscavige, who run the cult. He learned how to be a dictator right from the source: L. Ron Hubbard.

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  1. Hello

    I’m a former Sea Org Member ‘blown’ back in 1973. I became dismayed with the new Integrity Processing in which I was an auditor. It really seemed like we were there to coerce and extract information from PCs that could easily be considered overt/covert acts against the church or the Organization. A dear mentor and his wife Peter and Doran Green were comm eved back in 1981 because they did not agree with the Sea Orgs view on allowing the students to question the material (without altering it) so as to get the correct answers which made it possible for them to make it their own. They believed in granting people ‘beingness’ instead of patronizing DB’s. I’m glad to have found some of your postings and am very intrested in making contact with others such as Greg and Debra Barnes. Perhaps I could find ex-scientologist groups here in Arizona.
    Is there some way you could help me find out where and how?

    Thx Dennis

    • I think the Barnse’s phone number is in the phone book, I haven’t spoken to them in years but as far as I know they still live in Clearwater. As for other people you might want to check FaceBook.

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