The Tale (tail) of OT III, for free!!


Scientologists spend a fortune to get to OT III.  They are promised almost unlimited powers.  But first they must remove the BTs (souls known as body thetans) that have covered us from head to toe preventing our use of the super powers we were destined to have.   It is a form of alien possession, only the aliens are mostly sleeping.   Ouch!  My elbow is hurting today, one of the body thetans must be dreaming. 

One of the worst things about this is that some of these loony Scientologists think that they really do have special powers.  I read an article in Advance!, a Scientology magazine in which a person who had taken the upper level OT courses wrote about a problem with his windshield wipers as he was driving down the freeway.  He could hardly see a thing, the situation was getting downright dangerous.  So what did he do?  He simply externalized, in other words he left his body, went under the hood of his car and fixed the loose wire that was causing his wipers to fail.  Such power!! 

Top Secret BS for Fools

Yeah, well I have never seen a Scientologist with anything more than very ordinary powers.  The super men and super women of Scientology must be hidden away, maybe for use as some sort of secret weapon.

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It started and ended with aliens.

Astounding Science Fiction, May, 1950

May, 1950 cover of Astounding Science fiction shows a glaring alien.  This is the launching of the new science of the mind, Dianetics.  It is fitting that Hubbard should start with the picture of an alien because that is where, for all intents and purposes, he ended up.  Only in OT III instead of an alien on the cover of a magazine you find out that they cover your skin.   This is a lot more than many Scientologist can handle, I have heard a number of stories of yelling and screaming, even rolling on the floor.

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