The Commodore & The Cononels, Hubbard strikes out.

The Strange Affair of
“Professor Hubbard’s Philosophy School”

By Major John Forte, MBE

Nautical Nonsense, in 1968 Hubbard takes his flagship, the Apollo to Greece and tries to ingratiate himself with the military junta ruling that country.  He ends up kicked out on his ass with only 24 hours to clear the harbor.  This whole episode could have been taken from Gilbert and Sullivan.

As a regular army officer John Forte served in Europe, Africa, The Far East, The Middle East, The Near East and eventually with the British Military Mission to Greece during the Greek Civil War. After a spell in NATO as a Grade 1 Staff Officer he retired from the army and returned to Greece as British Vice-Consul Corfu, a post he held from 1958-1971. Enjoy.

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