Otto Roos, ex-scientologist story #30

Otto Roos was a young and idealistic Scientologist who was with Hubbard when the cult was still at sea during the late 1960’s.  He held a variety of jobs and had the distinction, if it can be called that, of being the very first person overboarded.  This was sort of an “instant ethics” handling for people who screwed up in which the subject was tossed over the rail of the ship for a long drop into the filthy harbor water.  The bedraggled person was hauled back onboard to try again at pleasing the commodore.  In Greece the locals would gather every morning to watch the newest crop of failures to get tossed over the side.  At one point Hubbard thought that it wasn’t drastic enough so he ordered their hands and feet tied. (Hana Eltringham Whitfield testified to that part of it.)

The story Roos tells is heavy in Scieno-speak and in-group slang so it is not easily understood by somebody unfamiliar with the subject who wants just a bit of light reading.  But if you can fight your way through the terminology the history of abuse and betrayal, common enough themes in this series of stories, will be seen. 

The above picture shows Hubbard during the time the story of Otto Roos takes place.  Although he was passed over for promotion in the US Navy during WWII, a feat in itself, his sense of vain glory dictated that he become a commodore, uniform and all, in his own fake navy.  To read the full story just follow the link.

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  1. it’s rough but cool, i think so

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