Ex-Scientologist story #34, Adam Holland

The above picture shows Hubbard using an E-meter (a primitive lie detector of 1930’s technology) on a tomato plant.  This is the man Scientologists follow.

Adam Holland.  While no two stories are exactly the same there are some common elements.  For one thing public Scientologists are just there to be sold more courses, books and other services.  This theme dominates all of Scientology management.

“On my very last day in the CLO, I was working in the files room on a mundane project to tidy it up. But those last few hours revealed that the Sea Org would not likely change: I discovered that hundreds of ‘sales’ campaigns were planned and run just like this one, and the papers were dated all the way from the 70’s until now. I discovered that it has always been about sales. The Sea Organization can’t ‘go back’ to helping people – it never did.” 
 To read the rest of Adam’s statement follow this link:


Here is something else of interest;

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