South Park Outs OT III (all hail Xenu)

Xenu, Lord of OT III

The once top secret OT III Wall of Fire has been reduced to being put on South Park as cartoon.  This is funny, but kind of tragic when you consider that to reach this level of “training” it has already cost the sucker several hundred thousand dollars.  Not to mention years of work and study.

As I have mentioned elsewhere in this blog this story of Xenu (Hail Xenu) and body thetans (BTs) is just a natural progression of Hubbards science fiction and fantasy writing. 

Pulp Corn by Hubbard, 1939

Strangely enough I have found repeated references from former Scientologists about cancer scares and mental breakdowns within Scientology among those who have taken the upper level courses like OT III.  Apparently abnormal numbers of people have just fallen apart for whatever reason.  This is something I would like to know more about.  To see this episode of South Park just click on the link. (and never forget to Hail Xenu! whenever possible)
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Book review, Scientology, “Abuse at the Top,” by Amy Scobee

Scientology, Abuse at the Top by Amy Scobee, 235 pages with index and photographs, 2010, hardcover, Scobee Publishing.

In 2009 a series of devastating articles appeared in the St. Petersburg Times entitled, The Truth Rundown.  Top level defectors came forward and accused David Miscavige, the ruler of Scientology, with physical abuse to his top executives.  Of course Scientology claimed that the accusations were from disgruntled former members and that no such activity took place.  While these statements were largely viewed with a jaundiced eye by a public already hostile to the cult it took corroboration from other high level defectors to ram home the true facts of the situation. 

Amy Scobee was a member of the paramilitary arm of Scientology known as the “Sea Org.”  Of course it was long ago since Scientology had ships but these latter day, dry-land sailors still have the fake naval uniforms .  It is their job to deliver Hubbard’s tech, and more importantly to extort money from the non-staff members called “public members.”  Relentless pressure is put on these public Scientologists to persuade or intimidate them into buying courses, books, tapes and of course to get more auditing.  And if money is not coming in at a sufficient rate then there is hell to pay.  The ones who pay that particular hell are the staff members.  The Sea Org members are generally treated like peons or slaves.  They work long hours, get little sleep and their pay is a joke.  But as bad as these conditions are they can get worse, much worse.  The internal prison system of Scientology is known as the RPF, or rehabilitation force project.  On Hubbard’s ships people who screwed up spent their nights in the chain locker, sometimes days too.  Or else they were just tossed over the side of the ship (overboarding)  into the filthy harbor waters below.  Then came the DPF, or the deck project force, which was the less formalized, but equally as sinister, forerunner of the RPF.  It was a steady progression of human rights abuses.  To read Professor Stephen Kent’s study, “Brainwashing in Scientology’s Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF)” follow this link:’sRehabilitationProjectForce.htm

Being in the RPF is not a bar to rising in Sea Org, every single top executive that I have read about has been in the RPF at one time or another, if there are exceptions they are few.  Amy Scobee was there and one only has to read her account to feel the honesty of her statements.  In fact I would say that her transparent honesty is one of the most compelling aspects of her book.

  Amy got into Scientology as a young teen when her parents joined the cult.  She spent the next 27 years of her life in Scientology.  She knew all of the top players, she was a top executive  herself as a member of the Watch Dog Committee, WDC.  She was a dedicated Scientologist who sincerely wanted to make the world a better place.   At long last events took place which made the Sea Org and Scientology unendurable for her. 

As I said in my review of Jeff Hawkins book it looks crazy to an outsider like myself to see all the effort that Scientology goes through to recruit staff members but then they turn right around and treat them worse than dogs.  This is the wonderful world of the great humanitarian, L. Ron Hubbard.

 Amy had a bird’s eye view of what went on in top management circles  She was there and saw for herself the savage attacks Miscavige made on those who he thought were not performing well.  Temper tantrums worthy of L. Ron Hubbard himself were seen.  That is saying a lot for Hubbard’s tantrums were legendary.

In rating her book I will give it the full five stars and throw another in for good measure.  Only by shinning the light on predators, like Amy does very well indeed, can we hope to eliminate the criminal abuses of Scientology.

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