South Park Outs OT III (all hail Xenu)

Xenu, Lord of OT III

The once top secret OT III Wall of Fire has been reduced to being put on South Park as cartoon.  This is funny, but kind of tragic when you consider that to reach this level of “training” it has already cost the sucker several hundred thousand dollars.  Not to mention years of work and study.

As I have mentioned elsewhere in this blog this story of Xenu (Hail Xenu) and body thetans (BTs) is just a natural progression of Hubbards science fiction and fantasy writing. 

Pulp Corn by Hubbard, 1939

Strangely enough I have found repeated references from former Scientologists about cancer scares and mental breakdowns within Scientology among those who have taken the upper level courses like OT III.  Apparently abnormal numbers of people have just fallen apart for whatever reason.  This is something I would like to know more about.  To see this episode of South Park just click on the link. (and never forget to Hail Xenu! whenever possible)
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