Anne Rosenblum, ex-Scientologist story #36, horrors of the RPF

You too could be this happy!!

Anne Rosenblum, a member of the paramilitary Sea Org, was put into the RPF, Hubbard’s nasty internal prison system.  The only difference between this and a real prison is that the Scientology prison system treats its members far worse.  In her statement she says, “The RPF was created by LRH in 1974 for people who were in ethics trouble and not getting handled, as well as for R/S-er’s [the criminally insane]. (How does Scientology end up with SO MANY criminally insane and/or incompetent people?  Or do they just need slave labor?)

Despite doing some of the worst of heavy labor the filthy rich leaders in Scientology rewarded them like this, “We received $4.00 a week here. If we needed to buy soap or cigarettes or something like that, we’d give a list of what we needed and the money to this guy who would go to the store once a week for the RPFers to get the things we needed. We were not allowed to go ourselves. We weren’t allowed to step foot outside the building!”

But no matter how bad they were treated they were expected to give success stories, [Nausea Warning] “At musters people told “success stores,” such as: “Today I realized why I’m in the RPF. I realized that I really am psychotic about many things and that I really have to handle it. And all I can say is thank you LRH, for giving me this chance to get handled and redeemed.” another: “Today in my auditing we handled a psychosis I’ve had for trillions of years, and we ran it back to the basic and it just blew. I know I’ll never have that psychosis again.” 

If you had a family, well, forget it.  “If they had children, RPFers were allowed to see them during the meal time, plus one hour a week, if their stats were up.”

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