Ex-Scientologist Story #37, Ted Mayett

Ex-Files, stories of the all too real

Ted found no answers for life in the Las Vegas org, his comments are sharp and pithy: They talked one thing and did another. They were constantly Expanding and Growing, yet the membership was always dwindling. They were the most Ethical people on the planet, yet they would lie to each other and to anyone at all with no problems at all. They were members and staff-members because they knew their spiritual freedom required scientology courses and processes, and yet they were rarely taking courses or receiving Auditing. Sometimes a few of them would live in the orgs because they could not afford apartments. Some of them wore old dirty clothes. They had tired faces from lack of proper sleep and lived off of junk-food from the fast-food restaurants. Now this was not all of them, only the majority of them.

To read the rest of Ted’s story go here: http://alley.ethercat.com/cgi-bin/door/door.cgi?1

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