Ex-Scientologist Story #38, Vivien Krogmann Lutz

Scientology exploits children, Cadet Org=Cadet Slaves.

October, 2002, “Vivien Krogmann Lutz, a 23 year old German girl, sued her parents for, amongst other things, sending her to Saint Hill and ruining her health. The trial began this morning and only 3 hours in, the parents, accompanied by Scientology lawyers, agreed to pay Vivien 35,000 Euros. This decision to settle came after the judge ruled against Scientology requests for gag orders on both Vivien and Ursula Caberta, whom Vivien escaped to when finally fleeing her parents.”

Scientology parents often neglect their own children in their quest to clear the planet or get some of those OT super powers.  The children of staff members have it the worst. – A second-rate education, with housing and meals given at or below the poverty line.  Sea Org members have almost no time with their children and the little time they do spend with them they are too broke or too worn out to do much.  Medical care is also sadly lacking.  Since the children don’t bring in any money nothing much will be spent on them, they are at the lowest end of the totem pole.  To read more Vivien and child labor in Scientology follow this link.


One of the girls in this story, Tanya Neujahr, has been interviewed about her time at St. Hill and her life in Scientology in general.  This is part one for four, all can be found on YouTube.

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