Ex-Scientologist #39, R. Vaughn Young, Hubbard’s Gulags

Robert Vaughn Young, former GO staff.

The late Robert Vaughn Young was until the defection of Jesse Prince, the highest ranking Scientologist to leave the cult.  He and his wife Stacy were veteran members of the Sea Org (the paramilitary sales force that actually runs the group) and between the two of them they knew just about anyone who was anybody in Scientology.  Most interesting was the fact that Young was a member of the Guardians Office (GO), this was the arm of the cult that handled things like lawsuits and actions against critics and reporters.  In other words if there was any dirty work to do they were the ones who did it.  After the Snow White catastrophe the GO was disbanded and the duties turned over to a new group of fanatics known as the Office of Special Affairs, or simply OSA. Like just about all of the upper echelon members Vaughn was shoved into the RPF, the internal prison system of Scientology.  He later became an ardent critic of the cult and paid them back, so to say, in their own coin.  The following quote concerns being thrown into the RPF by the actions of the E-meter, a piece of 1930’s era technology that Hubbard relied on to act as a primitive lie detector.

Gerry is remembering that infamous “List One” era when people were being shipped to the RPF every day because the were “List One RSers.” A “List One” was a list of items that were read off to the person while the person was holding the e-meter. If the needle acted in a certain manner (called a “rock slam”) it meant the person had crimes against Hubbard and they were
shipped off to the RPF. It took nothing more. The mere jerk of that sacred needle was enough for that person to lose their family and their dignity. I don’t know how many people went but it was a purge that Hubbard had ordered in one of his more demonic states of paranoia.

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and http://www.xenu.net/entheta/entheta/1stpersn/rvy/

To hear R. V. Young on YouTube as part of a deposition on the McPherson case go here:

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