New Files From Xenu, WORLD DOMINAION!!

Scientology Sea Org members carry their banners.

 News Flash!!  Our spies have at long last penetrated the lair of the ancient evil ruler from Hubbard’s OT III Wall of Fire.  Trapped in time in a pre-hominid strip mall encased in a force field powered by an everlasting battery the fell foe bides his time.  As soon as Scientology takes over the world, which will be soon if you read their literature, he will be let loose to take his revenge on the galaxy.  In fear and trembling watch as his plans are unfolded.  All hail Xenu!!

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Ex-Scientologist story #40, the Hartwells, dancing in the desert.

This is where they thought they were going, The Sandcastle, Clearwater, Fl.


Testimony given at the Clearwater Hearings in 1982.
Ernie and Adell Hartwell were a professional dance team living in Las Vegas who also had some comedy and film experience.  Adell had a daughter who was into Scientology.  They took some basic courses and then they were recruited by Scientology in 1979 to take part in various film projects that were in hand at the time.  They were told that they would be going to Clearwater, Florida and that they would be getting a place to live and also transportation when they needed it.  It all sounded just great.    Ernie explained,

“So, in the meantime, I’ll come back to where they presented us with the program of serving under L. Ron Hubbard. And some of the things that they presented to us: One was, of course, our living conditions, where we would live and where we were going. And they had told us that we were going to Clearwater, Florida. And we were shown pictures of the hotel here of our own room — we would have a private room — and the grounds, and we would have access to all the facilities that were there. And being right on the ocean, that kind of appealed to me as one thing.”

They were, however, unfamiliar with the ways of Scientology.  They were taken to a secret location in southern California, La Quinta, where a Scientology base was being established right under the watchful eyes of the Commodore himself, L. Ron Hubbard.  Instead of being taken to the Sandcastle in Clearwater this is what Ernie says they got:

They put us into a little shack that apparently had been — I don’t know, it was just a little, three-room shack on the edge of the ranch there. The driver took us up to the door and said, “That’s where you’ll be,” backed off, and left us. We go inside and what a mess; we couldn’t believe it.

And of course, the most — the worst thing about it is that the place was just totally overrun with bugs, insects, and all kinds of desert whatever you call them. They give us a set of sheets and told us that there was another room — another couple that had been in the room at the other end, and they had just taken the sheets and put them in one of the other rooms. And this wasn’t big enough.

The facilities consisted of a mattress on the floor.  So, when somebody turned the lights on, of course, it stirred up the bugs and everything began to fly all over the place. I pulled the sheets down to change the sheets in the place, and I swear there were at least a hundred bugs on those sheets. My wife and I just couldn’t believe it.”

Adell saw members of the Rehabilitation Project Force, the internal prisons system of the cult at work:  “The RPF had their clothes in boxes, and their mattresses were thrown out on the ground with the spiders and the scorpions. They had to run everywhere; you couldn’t talk to them. I was written up several times for talking to Fre-Dawn. [her daughter]

I also saw her one day — every time I would go by on my way to work, I would see her dragging her mattress from one shade tree to the other. I said, “Why are you doing this?” And she was ill and she couldn’t be in with the others, and so she was hunting shade and keeping out of the — it’s 117 degrees, and she was hunting shade because she was ill.

I was worked one day — ironed out in the heat — out in, I mean, in the shade. And it was 102 degrees then and without any food the whole day. And by five-thirty I just got deathly ill, and I told them I had to leave. And I staggered quite a ways — it’s about three blocks from where we were shooting to where we — up to where we — where the dorm was. And I was staggering. I fell first in the — then, in the ditch; it was like I was drunk. But anyway, I made it to the bunk and just crashed.”

At this time the base at Gilman was a secret so they couldn’t use Scieno-speak anywhere as Adell tells, “And when we were outside, we were not to use the language that Scientology used. And so you were under constant strain. And I was even afraid to go on lib because I was afraid that I would disclose his hideout by saying something. And Fred Roth was put in the RPF because he said the word, “Scientology” on the golf course. So, this is how rough it was.”

And what did she say about the man at the top?

“L. Ron Hubbard believed that anybody that was ill was a double threat to him: number one, he couldn’t — they couldn’t produce, so they were no good to him; number two, he was terrified of a germ of any kind, and so they were locked up in, I’d say, about a ten by twelve room. And at one time there was thirteen boys and girls in this room, running high fevers and all of them smoking. I mean, you could hardly see within there, it was so terrible. And you were treated — they were treated like an enemy in this room, and because they were.

Hubbard, I saw him throw fits. I actually saw him take his hat off one day and stomp on it and cry like a baby. I have seen him just take his arm like this and throw it wild and hit girls in the face. And one girl would follow him with a chair. If he sat down, that chair had to be right where he was going to sit one girl missed by a few inches; he about fell off of it, and she was put in the RPF.” 

At the end of the testimony Ernie had this to say: I would certainly advise anybody that not to believe anything L. Ron Hubbard says.”

To read Ernie’s entire testimony go here:

To read Adell’s testimony go here:

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