Ex-Scientologist story #41, Louise Cook, Canberra Org

The Truth is Out There (but not in Scientology)

1999.  Louise Cook, an Austrialian living in Canberra and a member of the org there had something to say about her course supervisor and dead-beat father of her 15 month old baby. “He has two children and has justified the neglect of his responsibilities for them by the old “greater good” argument. He has also justified criminal behavior including frauding the government for the same reason.”

But are these highly ethical Scientologists good citizens?  Louise had this to say, “It makes me happy to do so because it is good for the public to know what happens behind the facade the org presents. Human rights are being abused and good hearted people like Matt are being used and abused; and pushed right over the edge. Children are growing up without parents. People are defrauding the government. This is all occurring behind the facade of a “Church”, a religion, and a tax free organization to boot. I state emphatically that the Canberra org is out exchange with the community in which it resides. The staff to public ratio would be no greater than 1:3. How can three publics support one staff member? They can’t, it has been left up to the Australian taxpayer to provide housing, child support and survival for many at the org. Only a few are truly self sufficient, even the Executive Director lives in government subsidised housing and does not contribute to his child’s upbringing. “

These are the people who are so superior to the rest of humanity because they have the wonderful tech of L. Ron Hubbard.

To read the rest of her story follow this link:


To hear how her picketing of the local org went over go here:


The page will tell you everything you want to know about Scientology down-under.  This screwed-up bunch of chowderheads couldn’t lead a one car parade and get it right.  http://www.suburbia.com.au/~fun/scn/orgs/canb/

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