Ex-Scientologist Stories #47, Atrocities of the “Sales Org”

Scientology Stories, swindled by a greedy cult.


Janet Troy was picked clean by Scientology both mentally and financially.  She ended up with lost friends, strained family relationships and of course, broke.  To add insult to injury they blamed her for this bad result.

This story has the hallmarks of a person seeking, and needing, help with their lives; who also wanted to partake in some cause bigger than themselves to help mankind in general.  What did she get?  The usual Scientology treatment; money-grubbing by people who would say anything and promise anything in order to sell people their courses, books and tapes not to mention dunning  them for IAS contributions.  But it didn’t stop there, she was forced to disconnect from family members, and when she joined staff and got pregnant, she was pressured into having an abortion.  During the relatively short time she was in the cult, less than a year, her life was ruined for a long time to come.


My relationship with my sister had severely deteriorated.  We couldn’t talk to each other and our relationship even today is extremely strained. 

Most of my old friends I gradually lost as I became controlled by Scientology because they would no longer contact me and I was unable to contact them.

The abortion shocked me into awareness of everything that I was involved with.  I gradually became aware of the strange control and dominance Scientology had gradually imposed on me, and even more importantly I began to become aware of the terrible experiences I had in Scientology

I completely lost all of my credit with Visa, the bank, and had large bills accumulated in the nine months that I was in Scientology.

Forced abortions in Scientolog is nothing new.

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Ex-Scientologist story #46, life in the “Sales Org.”

Join today and get all the BS you can swallow.

Peter Forde joined Scientology for the usual reasons.  He was interested in the welfare of humanity and increased personal abilities.  This altruism led him to join the Sea Org, the paramilitary staff of Scientology, which should more properly be named the Sales Org, since wringing money out of public members is their main function.  Once inside this group of “highly ethical” people Peter found some disturbing things.

  • “We were given literature to give to clients that stated that the price rises were to pay the staff decent wages. At the same time the staff were told that the price rises were to create a sinking fund to support international headquarters in case of a collapse of organisations around the planet. Somebody was lying, somebody high up, and since there was evidence that Hubbard was closely controlling things I decided that Hubbard himself was responsible.”
  • I was being given ‘counselling’ in the form of confessionals done on a lie detector, and these confessionals were fishing for every embarrassing deed I’d ever done in my life. The Master-at-Arms warned me that personnel from International headquarters were right then culling files for blackmailable information.”

Peter got out, then came back for a very short period in the RPF, then got the hell out for good.  He found out, as thousands of people had before him, that Scientology is a scam.

To read more of his story go here: http://www.xenu-directory.net/mirrors/www.whyaretheydead.net/krasel/aff_pf.html

Here is more on the Scientology art of sales.  

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Ex-Scientologist story #45, Caroline Letkeman

True Stories about Scientology's victims.

Families are often torn apart when people fall under the spell of Scientology and this story is another example.  Things got bad for her when Scientologists found out that she was responsible for writing an essay entitled, Scientology: Soul Hackers, that won second place in a competition sponsored by the Lisa McPherson Trust in Clearwater.  She posted the essay on-line under a pseudonym in an effort to remain anonymous.  They found out anyway.  This lead to a bad situation with her sister who was told things, private things, from out of her pc folder.

This had all started with Caroline’s curiosity, which in this case killed the Scientology cat.  Some time early 1999, I first broke Scientology’s rule about not exposing myself to critical information about Scientology. In the breaking of Scientology’s “critical blackout” rule, I became aware of many incontrovertible facts about L. Ron Hubbard and of Scientology, facts that were absolutely appalling to me in a deeply personal way. I was utterly devastated when I came to realize that my committed contributions to Scientology were actually contributions to a dangerous and criminal organization.

To read more about this woman’s experience in Scientology and other stories go to her website at: http://carolineletkeman.org/sp/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=861&Itemid=9

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Ex-Scientologist Story #44, John Duignan

Here we have a veteran staff member who saw a lot of the Scieno world.  He was in the Sea Org. Up at SMI Int.CMU Int, Incomm. Int Fin. CLO UK, two years on garrison in Zimbabwe, Australia, Canada, Italy and Denemark. Then Base Crew and more recently at Cont Fin level, posted as D/FBO MORE Birmingham.

This guy was in serious doubt since all it took to shove him over the edge was the flu, “Last IAS event, I listened to all the pr blurbs again and I was expecting a major win for the church, a major release or something. But we got more news about more public having bought David Miscavitch expensive properties in prime locations, and a further admonition from COB to get back down in the trenches because we have to wipe out psychiatry THIS YEAR! Tom Cruise ranting and swearing and saluting, I was not impressed. I got bad dose of the flu the next day, and realised that I was being taken for a ride. I saw the whole picture.”

As in all these stories concerning staff members the conditions were terrible, “Compared to the real world, in the Sea Org you are treated very poorly. The pay sums are idiotic, the hours are insane and the expectancy from the cult is nothing short of ridiculous. Yet we do it without question. . . But I watched the overall scene, and it was not good. Staff, public and Sea Org life was incredibly stressful; Staff were getting ill a lot, especially senior execs, CMO and EC members; four Sea Org people died of cancer within a short space of time. We were not a big cross section of society and the numbers seemed too high.”

Scientology has claimed large membership in the Uk.  John gives us some true stats and mentions the big, powerful OTs, “Birmingham org, before CMO and CLO staffs were sent to work full time in London Org, (Yes, all of CLO and CMO were shipped down in shifts to man the org, there were only about ten actual staff there, I think this is still the case, aside from the whle OT field in EG being bludgoned to volunteer – was the most established and stable org in UK. It had – and probably still has a total active field of about 40 people. A new OT 4, he just borrowed 24,000 to pay for that and OT 5- was a caved in mess when he got back as an OT completion. A new OT III was about as effective as a road sweeper, an OT V a quavering wreck. Makes you think does it not? Golden age of tech and all.”

Follow this link to read the rest of his story. http://exscn.net/content/view/59/103/

In a recent story in the IrishTimes.com carried this in a story on Scientology: http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/weekend/2011/0319/1224292581794.html

At 42, Duignan felt he should have been married with children and a career. Instead he was “a ghost” with no money, no qualifications or transferrable skills, no state entitlements and no way of relating to “wogs” – non-Scientologists. He says he couldn’t simply walk away, or “blow”, in Scientology terminology. He had been on security operations to forcibly bring back defectors and knew what to expect. “I was on the run,” he says gently. “I realised that psychologically I was not going to be able to keep this up.”

I found an excellent series on YouTube done by John Duignan,  it is VERY good.

For more information about John’s book go here: http://www.amazon.com/Complex-Insider-Exposes-Covert-Scientology/dp/1903582849

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