Ex-Scientologist Stories #47, Atrocities of the “Sales Org”

Scientology Stories, swindled by a greedy cult.


Janet Troy was picked clean by Scientology both mentally and financially.  She ended up with lost friends, strained family relationships and of course, broke.  To add insult to injury they blamed her for this bad result.

This story has the hallmarks of a person seeking, and needing, help with their lives; who also wanted to partake in some cause bigger than themselves to help mankind in general.  What did she get?  The usual Scientology treatment; money-grubbing by people who would say anything and promise anything in order to sell people their courses, books and tapes not to mention dunning  them for IAS contributions.  But it didn’t stop there, she was forced to disconnect from family members, and when she joined staff and got pregnant, she was pressured into having an abortion.  During the relatively short time she was in the cult, less than a year, her life was ruined for a long time to come.


My relationship with my sister had severely deteriorated.  We couldn’t talk to each other and our relationship even today is extremely strained. 

Most of my old friends I gradually lost as I became controlled by Scientology because they would no longer contact me and I was unable to contact them.

The abortion shocked me into awareness of everything that I was involved with.  I gradually became aware of the strange control and dominance Scientology had gradually imposed on me, and even more importantly I began to become aware of the terrible experiences I had in Scientology

I completely lost all of my credit with Visa, the bank, and had large bills accumulated in the nine months that I was in Scientology.

Forced abortions in Scientolog is nothing new.

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