Ex-Scientologist story #45, Caroline Letkeman

True Stories about Scientology's victims.

Families are often torn apart when people fall under the spell of Scientology and this story is another example.  Things got bad for her when Scientologists found out that she was responsible for writing an essay entitled, Scientology: Soul Hackers, that won second place in a competition sponsored by the Lisa McPherson Trust in Clearwater.  She posted the essay on-line under a pseudonym in an effort to remain anonymous.  They found out anyway.  This lead to a bad situation with her sister who was told things, private things, from out of her pc folder.

This had all started with Caroline’s curiosity, which in this case killed the Scientology cat.  Some time early 1999, I first broke Scientology’s rule about not exposing myself to critical information about Scientology. In the breaking of Scientology’s “critical blackout” rule, I became aware of many incontrovertible facts about L. Ron Hubbard and of Scientology, facts that were absolutely appalling to me in a deeply personal way. I was utterly devastated when I came to realize that my committed contributions to Scientology were actually contributions to a dangerous and criminal organization.

To read more about this woman’s experience in Scientology and other stories go to her website at: http://carolineletkeman.org/sp/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=861&Itemid=9

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