Ex-Scientologist story #49, Chicago Org Follies.

Susan Simmel says she joined Scientology, “I became involved in Scientology in 1978. I was attracted to the camaraderie, and impressed with the apparent importance and size of the movement. Like the promotion had stated, I too envisioned a better world without crime, insanity, or war. I was hopeful in improving the state of mankind. I was equally excited by the prospect of becoming a kind of spiritual super-human with abilities that mere mortals have only dreamed about. I was promised that Scientology and its technology had all the answers, and was the only way to achieve total freedom; LRH had mapped the only route. This was all possible because of the genius of LRH; the tech was his great sacrifice and gift to man.” 

As always, Scientology didn’t live up to the dream.   “There was a fast and furious rumor line in the Chicago area around that period of time. There were cliques, intense competition between people and their positions in Scientology, and competition between the Mission and the Church. Everyone knew everyone else’s business. Amid this atmosphere, I made a grave mistake. In my desire to “keep Scientology working”, I wrote-up a local opinion leader due to my doubts about his credibility. Trouble began, people quit talking to me, my husband was forced to leave his business, and the group tried to convince him that I was suppressive. I was publicly humiliated by being forced to answer to their contrived inquisition.

The Church had repeatedly promised to straighten out this mess. I would tell of my plight over and over again to any staff that came into Chicago from any part of the country. This was always humiliating and uncomfortable. Always they would promise to help but under the condition that I buy services. I was talked into flying to the Washington Org out of desperation; they would help me if I bought $21,000 of services. I considered a second mortgage. There was heavy pressure to do this, and I received phone calls from L.A. and Florida well into many nights. . . A very highly positioned staff member threatened me with expulsion because I was upsetting the Scientology field. He swore at me, screamed at me, called me names, and I was not allowed to leave the ORG until I passed an “end rudes check” proving that I had or had not lied.”

Always Scientology wants more money.  But there is not enough money in the whole world to make sense out of Hubbard’s insanity.  To read the rest of Susan’s story go here:  http://www.xenu-directory.net/mirrors/www.whyaretheydead.net/krasel/aff_ss.html

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Ex-Scientologist Story #48, born into the cult

Cast for our high school’s play “H.M.S. Pinafore.”

Raised as Scientologists, Christie King Collbran and her husband, Chris, were recruited as teenagers to work for the elite corps of tired staff members who keep the Church of Scientology running in circles, known as the Sea Organization, or, as some skeptics term it, “The Sales Org.”
They signed a contract for a billion years — in keeping with the church’s belief that Scientologists are immortal. They worked like slaves seven days a week, often on little sleep, and lousy food, for sporadic paychecks of $50 a week, at most.  They also endured the constant yelling and screaming that staff members use to communicate with each other.  There is no being “nice” to one another in Scientology.

But after 13 years and growing disillusionment, the Collbrans decided to leave the Sea Org, setting off on a Kafkaesque journey that they said required them to sign false confessions about their personal lives and their work, pay the cult thousands of dollars it said they owed for courses and counseling, and accept the consequences as their parents, siblings and friends who are church members cut off all communication with them.

This is just another terrible story about how this evil cult abuses people.   People should note, however, that Scientology is an equal opportunity abuser and will abuse everyone with great enthusiasm.  Unless you are a movie star, then you are, sorry, not eligible for abuse unless you quit.  Sorry Tom, sorry John and Kirsty.

To read the New York Times article go here: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/03/07/us/07scientology.html?pagewanted=1&_r=1

From the 2009 Today Show interview.

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