Ex-Scientologist Story #52, Life in the Sea Org, “I nearly died”

Cheryl Sola was a Scientologist with training, and of course she was “Clear,” also Class IV Auditor, HRD Auditor, Purification Rundown Case Supervisor.  This was at Valley Org (Los Angeles), ASHO (Los Angeles).

If you are ever unfortunate enough to end up in the Sea Org, (aka the Sales Org) don’t get sick!!  “I nearly died in 1990 when an ovarian cyst torsioned while I was at Valley Org. No one would dare to leave post to take me to the emergency hospital (just several miles down the street) and they would not call an ambulance because they were afraid of creating a public relations ‘flap’ for the church. I finally got the D of T to take me and he left me a block from the E.R. door. I barely made it inside. I was rushed into surgery and the doctor said the cyst was the size of a cantaloupe (due to being told my Scientology to not bother with routine physicals and such, auditing cured all physical ills) and was on the verge of rupture. If it had, I would have died. It was at that point that I made up my mind to leave.”

She has this to say about Scientology: “Because I have researched what Scientology is and I do not believe that it is a valid religion or mental health therapy. I am fully convinced that it is a global scam and the whole purpose is not to ‘free beings’ but to ‘make money, make more money’ for its coffers, and it doesn’t care who it damages to get the money.”

To read the rest of her story go here.  http://alley.ethercat.com/cgi-bin/door/door.cgi?7

To read her essay about Scientology follow her link to “Operation Clambake.”  http://www.xenu.net/archive/world_without/


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Ex-Scientologist story #51, OT III no secret any longer!

The master race of OTs plot their next move!!

Roger Gonnet has been a critic of Scientology for many years now.  He posts on the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology among other places.  He was ex CO Lyon Franchise then Lyon Mission, then Lyon Class IV Organization (same group transformed), from 1975 to end 1982.

To see Roger on YouTube, English subs, pt. one, go here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kDiO3QLRmC4

E-meters, vitamins and rigged tests: http://worldmeets.us/leparisien000003.shtml#axzz1KRYZoJmA

For his statement about the OT levels, http://www.xenu-directory.net/mirrors/www.whyaretheydead.net/krasel/aff_rg.html

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Ex-Scientologist Story #50, Bonnie Woods, smear victim

Bonnie Woods defeated Scientology in court


How nasty and vindictive and Scientology be??  They tried to ruin this woman’s life but she was tougher than the cult. 
From Wikipedia, “Bonnie Woods is an American former Scientologist and critic of the Church of Scientology. Woods resides in Britain. She was a member of the Sea Org within Scientology, and left in 1982. She and her family were monitored by a private investigator. The Church of Scientology spread pamphlets around her East Grinstead neighbourhood making negative claims about her. Woods sued for libel against the organization – in response Scientology filed three libel suits against her. Her case eventually reached the High Court of Justice. Scientology paid her for costs and damages, and admitted that the claims it had made about her were false.”
Here is Bonnie on YouTube:
To read “The Guardian” newspaper’s account go here: http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/1999/jun/09/claredyer 
This was a major defeat for the cult, besides the loss of 155,000 pounds they had to pay Bonnie, not to mention their own legal costs, it got them a ton of bad press, all of it makes for interesting reading.  For a detailed listing of press coverage go: here:http://www.solitarytrees.net/pickets/sp861.htm
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