Ex-Scientologist story #51, OT III no secret any longer!

The master race of OTs plot their next move!!

Roger Gonnet has been a critic of Scientology for many years now.  He posts on the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology among other places.  He was ex CO Lyon Franchise then Lyon Mission, then Lyon Class IV Organization (same group transformed), from 1975 to end 1982.

To see Roger on YouTube, English subs, pt. one, go here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kDiO3QLRmC4

E-meters, vitamins and rigged tests: http://worldmeets.us/leparisien000003.shtml#axzz1KRYZoJmA

For his statement about the OT levels, http://www.xenu-directory.net/mirrors/www.whyaretheydead.net/krasel/aff_rg.html

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