Ex-Scientologist story #54, children in Scientology

Tera Hattaway was new on staff at the Dallas Org, she found out she was pregnant.  Her supervisor talked her into having an abortion with some curious arguments.  ” She went on to tell me that the spirit doesn’t enter the baby’s body until the baby is born. She made the point that all I would be “killing” is a piece of meat essentially.   We discussed this for a couple of days and she showed me definitions in the L. Ron Hubbard Technical Dictionary to persuade me to have an ABORTION.”

This statement was taken in 2001, since then forced abortions in Scientology has gotten into the news a number of times.  No Kids Allowed, a story featured in The St. Petersburg Times, June, 2010.  To read this shocking story follow this link http://www.tampabay.com/news/scientology/article1101759.ece

As for staff members who did have children the story is bleak.  Tera says,
The parents (staff members of the church) would drop the kids off early in the morning, at about 6:00 am, and would pick them up between 10:00 and midnight on a regular basis.  The majority of the kids were dressed in old, worn-out, filthy, tattered clothing and most were left with us largely unkempt and disheveled.  It was like the children were taken home out of obligation only and dropped off in the morning for us to care for and clean up.”

Scientology goes to great effort to recruit members to staff but most don’t stay because of the terrible conditions in the Sea Org.  As much as anything else this shows just how insane these people are.  If they weren’t nuts to begin with six months of Hubbard mania will do the trick.  To read the rest of Tera’s statement go here.  http://www.xenu-directory.net/mirrors/www.whyaretheydead.net/krasel/dec_th01.html

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