Ex-Scientology Story #55, Scientology: “simply an extortion business”

Richard Williams got involved with Scientology in Texas first in Houston, later in Dallas.  He joined staff for the usual reasons.  “I actually believed that they were sincere people with a real solution to many of mankind’s problems. I actually thought at the time that all Peoples from all religions could be part of this organization. I believed this was humanitarian.”  He was in for a rude awakening in the meatgrinder world of the Sea Org. 

“They claimed to be philanthropic and care about mankind; but their cold and callous behavior toward each other and especially toward ‘wogs’ began to belie their claims. Also, the living conditions were pathetic for the staff, especially upon my first arrival at Celebrity Centre, Dallas, the food was very poor; the pay was inappropriate. What I at first thought of as ‘sacrifice for the cause’ soon became a feeling of being used and lied to. I began to feel that any kind of thinking for myself and using my own common sense was looked upon as being ‘reasonable’ and that is looked up as ‘suppressive’. It really was pathetic; especially the cut throat attitude I observed Scientologists to have with each other. It was nothing I could recognize humanitarian by the end of my experience. Just greed and selfishness and a kind of paranoia.”

This is the kind of world Scientology wants.  Well, they can have it but don’t bother asking me to join up.  To read more of his story go here.  http://alley.ethercat.com/cgi-bin/door/door.cgi?41

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