Ex-Scientologist story #56, false dreams and hopes

Neil Clark was impressed by the claims of Scientology, “The gains promised by the books – Like the state of Clear. Gaining perfect eyesight, total recall, past life recall, perfect health, exteriorization.  Also, I was fascinated by the Grade Chart – moving up the Bridge to the OT levels, upto power on all 8 dynamics.”

He joined staff at the Manchester, UK org. and took some of the Scientology training courses.  But from the start he saw problems, he had a better life when living on the dole!  “There was always empty promises that the pay and conditions would improve. I was more affluent when I was living off state benefits!”

And as for the powerful big thetans of the cult, the OTs who still wore glasses, “OT’s were meant to have perfect eyesight etc. But there were lots of myopic OT’s.”

As for the claims about enjoying better health he found out much to the contrary. “There was always empty promises that the pay and conditions would improve. I was more affluent when I was living off state benefits! . . .  L Ron Hubbard was portrayed as the best thing since sliced bread. If that was the case, then why did the general populus either not know who he was or dismiss him as a fraud?

My family relationships disintigrated due to the disconnection policies.   Overall, I was becoming less and less the open, caring, honest person I used to be and was changing into a totally supressed, bitter and twisted robot.   Because I was tired, hungry, cold, worked to the bone it was difficult to think clearly about what was going on.

To read the rest of his statement follow this link: http://alley.ethercat.com/cgi-bin/door/door.cgi?36



Scientologist have zero shame. 

A man discovers that staff members are just bonkers.

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