Ex-Scientologist story #57, Boston Org Insanity

Scientology destroys family life.

If H. P. Lovecraft were to have written this story I think he would have named it, “The Boston Org Horror.”  This story, told by former Scientologist Marjorie Hansen shows just how much your life will change once you let the blood suckers of Scientology into your world.  As always lots of promises were made, ” I was then introduced to Amy Ray who gave me an extended sales presentation and showed me Scientology literature claiming that the communications course, together with a process called “auditing” would bestow numerous benefits on me, including raising my I.Q., preventing colds, curing or preventing various physical illnesses, increasing my career potential and solving problems dealing with relationships and marriage.”

Money for courses was a problem.  In typical Scientology fashion they “helped” her out.  Part of this meant deceiving her own mother. I was questioned concerning my family members, friends, bank accounts, property and any other sources of money that I had. They specifically questioned me about taking out a loan from a bank. I told them I would be unable to do so unless my mother co-signed for it and that she would never do it for auditing. I was told to tell my mother that the money would be for “tuition” for me to go to school at the “Academy of Scientology” in order to take courses to become a social worker dealing with drug rehabilitation. I was specifically told not to mention auditing. Pollock, Urich and an individual named Tim all told me to have my mother come in and they would tell her about the courses I would be taking to become a social worker. After a great deal of pressure, I finally agreed to have my mother come in and they told her all of the above lies. On their representations she agreed to co-sign for the loan. They then made me go to the bank the very next day in order to get the money.

They simply couldn’t wait to lay their hands on her money, “When I called Pollock again and told him that I had the check and told him that I would bring it into him that night, he said to bring it in immediately. I said that I was unable to do it and that he could wait until that evening. He then said that he would send Joan Gambino and Tim to meet me at the Vallee’s Steakhouse parking lot in Braintree in order to pick up the check.”

Eventually she discovered the truth about who she was dealing with, “I had seen them separate so many people from their families, and friends, and pressure so many people into paying money, telling lies, and making bizarre plans to overthrow the government and eventually the world, I felt that if I didn’t leave I would become insane and that eventually my life would be in jeopardy. After I didn’t show up on a particular evening, someone from the Org called me and asked me where I was. I told them that I was not ever coming in again, that I felt cheated and deceived, and that they were destroying the lives of many people.”

To read the rest of her compelling story follow this link: http://www.naderlibrary.com/cia.scientologyclearwater.exh63.htm

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