Ex-Scientologist story #58, “cruel scam”

Stewart Gardner came to the NY org looking for answers and abilities.  He spent the next ten years looking in Scientology.  He spent a lot of time auditing, taking courses and even went on staff for a while.  But he found the experience of being on staff less than exhilarating, “I hated being on staff most of the time I was there, but was up-stat a good bit of the time. Having sea org people try to tell me to do ‘programs’ and such was awful, they are never satisfied. The worst were some bulk mail or other stat increasing initiatives where at the end of the week you would have to work all night with maybe 2 hours sleep to get stats up, then you would get up and go back to work at the Org and have to work the whole day exhausted. They figured this was ok since you were a thetan and had to ‘make it go right’. Also you would work all week like 80 hours and then get a pay check for $50.”

In retrospect he says, “Now having been out for a while and being able to go back and look at the whole experience, to me it now just seems like a cruel scam.”

This pretty much says it all: “I mean looking for answers is great, and Scientology says it has the answers to pretty much all of mans ills. It tells you it is the only way to total freedom, the only tech that works. But if it is not the real thing then it is truly an evil thing, tricking the weak, who are looking for help out of their money, and leaving them broke and f’ed in the head.”

To read the rest of his story go here: http://alley.ethercat.com/cgi-bin/door/door.cgi?239

A message for staff from one who knows what’s going on.  

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