Ex-Scientologist story #61, Kima Douglas: Hubbard hypochondriac.

Kima Douglas was in Scientology 1968 to 1980.  During this time she was Hubbard’s nurse among other things.  Few people were as close to the Big Thetan himself as Kima.  Her story reveals Hubbard as anything but a messiah.  When she joined she was young and wide-eyed, full of naivety.  In 1970 she joined the crew of the Apollo.

“My expectation was of a psychic person who could look at me and see every evil thing I had ever done in my whole life. I’d been indoctrinated to all the things he could do. There were wild stories that if an atomic bomb in Nevada was about to go off, L. Ron, with the power of his mind, could defuse it. The expectation was that he would be able to see into my head, which both terrified and excited me. And he’d come to save the planet, at the time we were talking about atomic warfare. Who could stop this? I was a complete believer. Doubts were out-ethics, so you sat on them quickly. I had him set up as close to God as anyone could be set up.”

Unfortunately for him, and everyone else on board, Hubbard got into a motorcycle accident.  How did this mental powerhouse react, “He broke his arm, three ribs and bruised himself to an unbelievable point. He had massive black bruises, he had really damaged himself. He refused to see a doctor. I saw him come back, walking. He went into his room and wouldn’t see anyone except messengers and Mary Sue. Next day he saw Jim and then me. He was in his chair. We strapped his arm to him and strapped his ribs. We were in Las Palmas. We went out to sea in a Force 5 [wind]. Strapped to his chair he must have gone through agony. He screamed and hollered and yelled and slept in his chair. It was absolutely ungodly, six weeks of pure hell. Finally Laurel [Sullivan] went into town and found a doctor. She went off in Madeira and found a doctor. He came to the ship and he said what we all knew. In Lisbon we got him off and had him x-rayed but the break had already started to mend. He never went into a cast – it was too late. It took three months to heal. He was revolting to be with – a sick crotchety pissed-off old man at an extreme of antagonism to everything and everyone. His wife was often in tears. He’d scream at top of his lungs, “Get out of here!” Laurel was very good and spent a lot of time with him. Messengers went through hell. I’d go and see him every two days, to check him. He’d throw food physically with his other arm. I’d see plates splat against the bulkhead.”

Hubbard, the great “humanitarian” treated people like animals, Kima states, “The chain locker on the ship was large, lit during the day through the hole where the chain went through. There was a bucket for a toilet. I know children were put in there and kept overnight.”

Kima’s testimony fits in with others of that period.  So if you want to know what L. Ron Hubbard was REALLY like then read the rest of her story.


Update: Kima Douglas 1942-2013, Story by Tony Ortega.

Kima Douglas, 1942-2013

Kima_DouglasOn January 14, Kima Douglas died in Scottsdale, Arizona after fighting a battle with pancreatic necrosis. She was 70 years old.

Nothing was reported in the local media about her passing. And except for some Facebook testaments written by friends and family, there has been little notice online that she is gone.

But Kima Douglas was well known in the world of Scientology, and spent several years caring for L. Ron Hubbard as his nurse during some of the most difficult years that he ran the organization while on the run himself.

Kima left Scientology in 1980 and then gave a rather legendary interview to Hubbard’s biographer, Russell Miller, in 1986. But after that she kept a low profile, and is remembered by friends for her kindness and caring.

To read the rest of the story go here: http://tonyortega.org/2013/01/26/kima-douglas-1942-2013/

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