Ex-Scientologist story #63, abuse in the Sea Org.

Chip Gallo was well versed in Scientology, his course included Clear, Staff Status II, fully hatted Executive Director, PTS/SP Course, Key to Life, Life Orientation Course, other admin training,  He also trained to be a ‘Psych Buster’ with Dennis Clark, who is one of the greater loons in Clearwater Scientology.

Chip says, “The organization was paranoid about many things. It seemed odd that they had so many enemies. Staff conditions were generally poor. The recruiting of public to be on staff was coercive and created tension. Flag missions were a constant fear, because staff would somehow create a livable situation and a mission could show up and wreck their arrangement (sending people away for long periods of training, etc.) People seemed to hang on for any personal gains they thought they could get, putting up with bizarre and burdensome treatment for years at a time.”

When asked if Scientology could be reformed he said, “I can’t see a way that the existing management and policy can be reformed. It has too much of Hubbard’s personality and traits in it to clean up in any useful way. Since no functional records of supposed ‘research’ were kept, everything he wrote would need to be cross checked by others for truthfulness. The effect on my life was simply to waste years of it, because it doesn’t transfer to normal life. I think I am much less tolerant of liars, scams and bogus organizations now.”

To read the rest of what Chip Gallo had to say go here:http://alley.ethercat.com/cgi-bin/door/door.cgi?8

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