Ex-Scientologist story #65, Robert Dardano: staff crimes.

Scientology is crime.

The 1983 article in the Boston Globe, “Scientology Defectors Charge ‘Dirty Tricks’ in Boston, is a story worth readingIt reveals the logical outcome of Hubbard’s extreme paranoia and his contempt for laws.  Of course Scientologists will say that these were rogue elements that have since been weeded out of their organization.  But only fools and small children would believe that.

“Robert Dardano and Warren Friske were trusted members of the Boston mission of the Church of Scientology in the mid-1970s when they say they were recruited to join a group of other church members intent on carrying out “dirty tricks” against critics and others deemed enemies of the church in this area.”

The activities of the group included break-ins, the theft of documents, harassment and misrepresentation, according to sworn testimony by Dardano in Florida last year and affidavits from him and Friske on file as part of pending civil litigation in Suffolk Superior Court and US District Court in Boston.”

Just what were their crimes?

  • The burglary of the Belmont office of a psychiatrist in 1975 in order to steal the doctor’s files on one of his patients, who had written a book highly critical of Scientology.
  • The theft of documents from the Boston law firm of Bingham, Dana and Gould, counsel for The Boston Globe, in late 1974 as part of a plan to monitor the newspaper’s preparation of a Sunday Magazine article on the church.
  • The systematic theft and destruction of books critical of the church from libraries throughout New England.
  • The planting of a church member as a volunteer inside the state attorney general’s office to intercept consumer complaints about Scientology. They said the volunteer also used his position to call other law enforcement agencies around the country to elicit information the agencies had on the church.

To see the testimony of Robert Dardano at the Clearwater hearings in 1982 go here.  http://www.xenutv.com/blog/?p=54

To read the Boston Globe article go here.http://www.xenu.net/archive/go/media/bg310583.htm

How far will Scientology go in spying?  

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