Ex-Scientology story #64, “the whole thing was a lie.”

LaVenda Van Schaick’s story is one that covers a lot of ground.  It is one of those stories that makes one wonder how a crazy, disorganized and very paranoid group like Scientology can ever seriously consider taking over the world.  At one level it is funny to see these mopes make fools out of themselves but there are things here, like child abuse, that are not funny at all.  LaVenda got into Scientology through misrepresentation, as many have over the years, she says, “I was recruited under the deception that we were going to do exploration in Egypt. I thought it was a scientific thing that we were involved in. The fraud that Hubbard was a nuclear physicist and a scientist we were recruited in.” She was in for a rude awakening.

Of her time in Clearwater she states, ”

“I was in Clearwater for eight weeks. The first day that I got to Clearwater, I became ill because of the food conditions that they had in the hotel. I reported to what they call the Medical Officer, and noticed that downstairs people were getting inoculations for different things. At that time, that second day — I didn’t know until, actually, about three weeks later that there was actually a hepatitis cover-up going on.” [this epidemic was mentioned in other stories in this series]. 

The adults were not the only ones ill, “

“There was — the kids were sick: there was flu, there was no — there wasn’t any kind of clean area. The conditions were that all babies that were crying were left in one room to cry because they had reactive minds, and they were considered suppressive babies. And all kids that smiled and that were nice were left in another room. And — which was really kind of a horrible experience for me as a mother. [at some point it was decided to move the children elsewhere after bad publicity over a child running loose and being killed by a car] . . .And the parents that had babies were very upset with the fact, because they only had an hour for lunch and would not be able to see their children because where they were putting the children was an hour and-a-half- to two-hour drive and they couldn’t have that hour — see, parents were allowed one hour for their children at lunchtime, and that was it. And that hour meant that, by the time they got there and had to be back on post again, they couldn’t see their children.”

Parenting is not high of the Scientology agenda, And the reason the parents were split is because it’s nothing but work, work, work at the Fort Harrison, and the time that they saw their children was dinner break and that’s it. And then, if they had liberty on Saturday. You’re talking about working fifteen, twenty hours a day, and that’s it. And there is no human relationship between the parents, basically. And then, they got separated and — the idea is to separate you from your family. . .And one of the things why they were removing the children from the area is so the city, particularly, couldn’t keep a handle on how many children were being born in Scientology, so, when they became school age, no one would be able to find out whether they should be attending school or not.

When asked why she didn’t go to the police since she clearly knew of many illegal practices she said, ““With the training that I had, knowing policy and the way the operation of the organization runs — was running at that time, that I thought it would be better off to be handled internally and straighten things out. And that’s — was probably my basic concept for a lot of years, and realizing nine years later that nothing really internally gets handled, that it really doesn’t. It’s one game against another, one farce against another, and that the whole thing was a lie.”

This story is longer than some of the others but it very worth while.  http://www.naderlibrary.com/cia.testimonyrondewolfclearwater12.htm

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