Ex-Scientologist stories #70, Hubbard sold “snake oil.”

Bobby Parker joined staff in the Sea Org at ASHO, Los Angeles following a few years as a public member  in Dallas.  His initial recruitment was via the rigged “personality test.”  He says, “I had a lot of anxiety which I thought may, as Dianetics claims, be caused by ‘engrams.’ I also thought, if Dianetics’ claims were true, it could help me with ANY problems I may have had then or in the future. It leads one to believe it to be a ‘Cure-all’ of sorts.”

But nothing could cure the Sea Org of their usual sub-poverty life style, “Poor living conditions definitely. While in the Sea Org, I was sent, along with another Sea Org girl of about age 10, to get a staff member who had not shown up to muster. She lived in a dump of an apartment complex called the ‘Anthony building’ or something of the sort. I’m sure some ex-scientologists can give details about that place. This was 1996, it looked like it should be condemned.”

The poverty level conditions of the Sea Org, despite the huge wealth of the cult was a deciding factor in leaving, “My frustration with how I was being treated in the Sea Org, the lack of any free time, the impossible demands, the horribly rude way other staff spoke to me and to others, made it essential for me to just leave before I lost my sanity.”

As for L. Ron Hubbard, Bobby had this to say,” He had nothing to back up his claims, and his claims that he had some 200 plus ‘Clears’ at the writing of Dianetics who invariably had the attributes of Clear had to have been a deliberate lie, and so Hubbard was just another ‘snake oil’ salesman.”

To read the rest of this story go here:  http://alley.ethercat.com/cgi-bin/door/door.cgi?55

More on life in the Sea Org.

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