Ex-Scientologist story #67, More crimes in Scientology.

Janie Peterson was a Scientologist for five years, the later part of the period was spent in the Guardians Office.  This was where disaffected members and Scientology critics were “handled.”  Her story is long and detailed, the crimes committed by Scientologists were many.  There is a dozen people or more that should have done some hard time for what they did.  Other former members whose stories have already been told in this series, like the Hartwells. Tonja Burden and LaVenda Van Schaick, were mentioned.  As always, their confidential auditing files were spread far and wide with many eyes pouring over them looking for useful information.  Scientology would stop at nothing in their actions, even planting spies, There was a man whose name was Don Cooper, who was a plant, in other words a spy, on Mr. Walters and his friends. He had a code name of Mack. He infiltrated Mr. Walters’ group of friends and became very good friends with Mr. Walters and his wife — family and friends. And Mack would call the Guardian’s Office, at least once a day, with information on what Mr. Walters and his friends — this includes the Hartwells and Tonja Burden — as to what they were doing.”

As always the abused staff members of Scientology suffered when the Big Thetans didn’t get enough money, “One program I remember in particular was the gross income of the Flag Land Base at the Fort Harrison dropped to about a million dollars a week or a little below, which was considered to be a heavy drop because they were most of the time making between two and three million dollars. At that time the staff members at the Fort Harrison for the following week, their diet consisted of beans and rice as a punishment for the gross decline of their income.”

When asked how long were the hours she worked Janie  had this to say, Again, that varied. Probably, twelve, fifteen hours a day most of the time. Sometimes — during one time period when the Hartwells were causing what’s called in Scientology a flap — in other words, they were going to the press and that type of thing — we worked for about twenty-three or twenty-four days without a day off, twelve to fourteen hours a day. And myself and Carole Garrity, who I already mentioned, became ill at that time; we became — we had bad colds. And we were taken into the Assistant Guardian’s Office, who’s in charge of the Guardian’s Office, and we were told that the reason we had become sick was because of the FBI.”

Eventually she found her way out of the cult after wasting five years and filling her head with Scientology crap.  To read her story, which is a good one, go here: http://www.naderlibrary.com/cia.testimonyrondewolfclearwater13.htmhttp://www.naderlibrary.com/cia.testimonyrondewolfclearwater13.htm

Scientology has been involved with a number of capers over the years.  Here is their worst ever: Snow White.  

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