Ex-Scientologist story #68, years wasted in the cult.

Anne Daily was a veteran Scientologist and staff member, she does not list the org she was in but it was most likely the DC org.  Again and again we hear about the staff conditions.  “The conditions of the org was poor, very rundown. Also, the number of people coming to the events had dropped by half. In the late 70-s you could see about 1000-1500 attendees at events…by the mid 80’s we were getting 500-600 to an event after a lot of work. In the 90’s this was down to 300. The org was isolating its field.”

The above says a lot about the so-called “expansion” of Scientology.  Is Scientology a religion?  She sure didn’t think so, “It is not a religion…There is no ‘higher being’ worshipped unless it is Hubbard. It puts forth the symbols of a religion..i.e. ‘church’, ‘cross,’ ‘Sunday services’ but it just that symbols with no substance behind them.”

Her story is rather short for the time she was in Scientology, often former members are too intimidated or too sick at heart to go into details.  http://alley.ethercat.com/cgi-bin/door/door.cgi?72

What is the real goal of Scientology?

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