Ex-Scientologist story #69, William S. Burroughs

The famous author William S. Burroughs didn’t remain in Hubbards authoritarian world for long.  Although he was clearly impressed with auditing he had no liking for dictators. “There is a basic incompatibility between any organization and freedom of thought. Suppose Newton had founded a Church of Newtonian Physics and refused to show his formula to anyone who doubted the tenets of Newtonian Physics? . . . Scientologists are not prepared to accept intelligent and sometimes critical evaluation. They demand unquestioning acceptance.”

As for Hubbard’s delutional claims, “A separation between Mr. Hubbard’s work and his opinions is ruled out by Mr. Hubbard’s grandiose claims … ‘Galaxy upon galaxy billions of light years away have no bridge no route to freedom … Scientology is the one and only road to total freedom and total power … Scientology has the answers to all the problems of the universe including the method of solution’ … When the Founder, Controller and Guardian of the ‘road to total freedom’ starts spouting John Birch talk, his road is called in question and we have every right to ask precisely what his ‘method of solution’ is. If Mr. Hubbard were content to be a technician who has made some important discoveries we could afford to ignore his personal opinions. When he sets himself up as the savior of all possible universes we cannot. “

Burroughs then makes a telling point, “And the practice of assigning ‘Conditions’ is still in effect. These conditions, ‘Non-existence’, ‘Liability’, ‘Treason’, ‘Doubt’, are assigned for misdemeanors and crimes against Scientology. A student assigned to an advanced condition must wear a dirty grey rag around his arm, may not bathe, shave or change his clothes, must remain on the premises, must perform manual work, deliver a ‘paralyzing blow to the enemy’, admit his errors and petition every member of the center for forgiveness. Does Mr. Hubbard seriously expect mature scientists, artists, and professional men who have distinguished themselves in their respective fields to submit to this prep school nonsense?”

To read the rest of this insightful artical go here: http://www.lermanet.com/scientologynews/lafreepress-1970.htm

New scholarship on the life of Burroughs now supports the view that for a period of his life this famous author and thinker was deeply influenced by Scientology teachings.  Tony Ortega’s blog dated 10/8/13 has a story well worth reading.  

William S. Burroughs and Scientology: Setting the Record Straight



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