Ex-Scientologist story #71, Hubbard, “Impossible to Please”

Nancy Dincalci worked as an auditor at ASHO, joined the Sea Org and went to La Quinta in ’77.  She was there to see Hubbard’s disastrous forray into the film making business.  Her story collaborates others in the series, see the story of Ernie and Adell Hartwell #40   and  Kim Douglas #61.

Speaking of her time at the secret base in La Quinta in 1978 Nancy says,”I was a make-up artist. Everyone given a job. He controlled everything, there was really not a detail he wouldn’t get into. On the make-up, he would be into the exact shade of pancake make-up on a person’s face; should the hair be a little mussed up, every aspect of the shot would involve him. He had a great time sitting there in his director’s chair giving everyone orders. Everything about him was taken seriously. It wasn’t always sombre, there could be light moments. When – if – he was in a good mood he’d tell stories or someone would make jokes. But you could never be frivolous around him. Most of time there were a lot of upsets.  In my opinion it was impossible to please him. He saw things that were not there, and changed his mind. If something was a certain colour he would scream and yell about why it was that colour.”

She speaks of the Big Thetan himself, L. Ron Hubbard, “No one discussed his behaviour, it was not OK to do that. Someone would have written a report on you. I wouldn’t say it was never done, some of the newer people who hadn’t had the years of indoctrination, might have made a comment about how he was cranky. Everyone had it going on in their own mind, but would never discuss it.”

“The day we left a woman friend of mine said, ‘He sure was a cranky old guy.’ I was really shocked to hear it said out loud.  One day he had his arm in a sling – he had bursitis in his shoulder – and nothing would go right. It was a really bad day.”

A cranky old guy??  That doesn’t sound to me like the man who went through the “wall of Fire” to get OT III, does it??  Nancy left Scientology shortly after the film making fiasco at La Quinta.  Her reasons?

“Almost any piece of data was contradicted by another piece. You could get hit for almost anything you did.  I left in March 79, largely because of his behaviour.”

To read the rest of this eyewitness to Hubbard mania go here: http://www.xenu-directory.net/mirrors/www.whyaretheydead.net/krasel/books/bfm/interviews/dincalci.htm


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