Ex-Scientologist story #72, Fraud in Boston.

The truth is out there, but not in Scientology

Peter Graves joined Scientology in Boston after being assured that Scientology methods would raise his IQ, cure diseases and fix whatever in his life was wrong.  After four years none of these things came to pass.  Besides these false promises he found out that the secrets he divulged in his auditing sessions, we not secret at all.  He goes on to say, “I made numerous disclosures during auditing concerning my life and the lives of others, that were thereafter revealed to third parties.  As a Church member, I became aware of the practice of revealing auditing disclosures to third parties for many purposes, including harassment, attack, blocking legal remedies and extortion.”

When the con was made apparent to him, “In December of 1979, I left Scientology due to an increasing awareness of the fraudulent representation made to me and the general scheme of Scientology to swindle and destroy people.”

 To read the rest of this story: http://www.naderlibrary.com/cia.scientologyclearwater.exhIX.graves.htm

The central part of this cult is greed and fraud.

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