Ex-Scientologist story #73, phoney medical cures.

Brown McKee was in Scientology for twenty-four years before being declared an SP and tossed out the door.  He was a mission holder who ran two of these franchises.  Brown said he tried to reform the abusive aspects of the cult for years.  He and other mission holders met in 1981 in Clearwater to demand changes in the way the Sea Org and Scientology management’s practices.  Nothing came of this except the swapping of horror stories as to what has been going on in Scientology. 

Brown was bitter about the death of his wife who relied on auditing to keep her healthy, “And Julie complained of tiredness and this and that. Julie rarely ever complained of anything. But anyway, I saw her beginning to slow down, and by the summer of 1978, she, who was also a very highly trained auditor — and, also, you must is realize both of us were totally persuaded that the source of all illness was mental, except for, say, a broken leg, and the way of curing it is with auditing. This is what — it’s our business.

So, during the summer, Julie lost more and more of her energy and had some swelling and some small chest pains and this and that and began to lose her voice. So, I thought, “Well, Flag has the best auditors in the world and should be able to help her out.” So, I sent her down here to Clearwater in, I guess it was, October of 1978. We never even really thought about going to see a doctor; that’s just not what — the Scientologist doesn’t think about that. . .  [after she was so sick she had to be taken to the hospital] She was there two days when we were given the report. And what it was adenocarcinoma, which was a cancer of the lymph glands of the lungs, and her right lung had totally collapsed, and which this cancer had also infiltrated her throat and paralyzed her vocal cords. And it had progressed to the point where it was totally hopeless. “

As to the young rulers of the cult,They’re immature, ignorant, brainwashed religious zealots. That’s my personal opinion.”

A sad story to say the least, to read the rest of Brown’s story go here: http://www.naderlibrary.com/cia.testimonyrondewolfclearwater20.htm

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