Ex-Scientologist story #75, In and Out of the Cult.

Charlotte Kates was young in 1998, only 17, when she joined staff at the Philadelphia org.  While there she saw the usual contradictions of Scientology life.  The constant and insatiable demands for money.  Public members were hounded without mercy for courses, books, IAS memberships and donations for this and that.  No matter that it was impossible for these goals to be reached.  In fact there is no word for “impossible” in this cult.  Young Miss Kates was given the task of getting 200 Scientologists online with the cookie cutter Scientology web sites.  Yet there were only 183 active public members to draw from!  Anyone stupid enough to remark on such an absurd goal would be in “ethics” trouble right away or at the very least to stop thinking like a “wog” meaning non-Scientologist.  As always the staff were treated like dogs.  The pay was bad no matter how much money they took in.  Staff members had to moonlight on outside jobs just to survive.

Her story is interesting but it must be said that she was very foolish for getting involved in the first place.  She had already read some of the critical debunking facts about Hubbard, she even saw it on 60 Minutes, yet she joined it anyway.  Another red flag was when she was talked out of taking her thyroid medication by a couple of staff jerks who had no medical training, they said auditing would take care of her physical problems.  No need to take those pills!

To read her full story go here: http://www.scribd.com/doc/48783455/Scientology-Memoirs-Charlotte-L-Kates

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