Ex-Scientologist story #78, Maria Pia Gardini


Maria Pia Gardini a former Italian Scientologist, was systematically bled dry of her money by high pressure sales techniques and the usual false promises.  And when neither of those methods worked they used outright intimidation. 

She speaks about the constant hounding for money on the part of Scientology, “On the 21st of December, 1991, Tito Mazza, who was the Flag Service I/C [in charge] in Italy, and Marco Puggelli, who was a Flag FSM [field staff member], came to my home in Italy seeking a donation for a Class VIII project at Flag. Shortly after they arrived, Debbie Cook, the Commanding Officer for the Flag Service Organization in Clearwater, Florida, called on the telephone concerning this same project. She told me the cost of executing the program was 2 million dollars U.S. and she wanted me to finance the entire project. I told her I would never give them 2 million dollars whereupon she said she knew I would inherit a large sum of money from my mother’s death just 10 days before and felt I should give them the money. I continued to say no and asked them to leave. They would not but stayed and continued badgering me. Finally, one of them took me into a side room and told me if I just gave them a check to prove to the Captain of Flag that I was a good Scientologist they would leave. They repeatedly told me I should be a good Scientologist and give them the money. I was also at this time very vulnerable. My daughter had died one year before and my mother had now died 10 days before. I was alone in the world. I finally gave them a check for $30,000 and they left. At that point I told them not to return asking me for money. . . The morning after, my maid came into my bedroom and told me there were two people sleeping in a car in my garden. I got dressed and went to see who it was. There I found two sea org members whom I recognized as working for Flag and the Flag Ship Service Org. When I approached the car to tell them they could not come into my garden in the middle of the night, they got out of the car and asked me for coffee. I took them into the house and gave them coffee. They then fell asleep in my home. Around ten o’clock, I received a phone call from Debbie Cook, who told me I had not given enough money and I needed to give more to the two staff members at my home. She went on and on about the project needing my help, that Italy was really down and it could be the first Clear country etc. Finally, I gave another $50,000.” 

The story continues in a similar vein showing how this woman was browbeaten into giving more and more money to the cult.  It should be noted that Debbie Cook, the captain of the thieves at Clearwater, has since quit the cult.  I have not heard of her attempting to make any restitution to her victims. 

The story of Maria Pia Gardini is a complicated one, perhaps of more interest to former cult members than casual readers.  It is remarkable however, in that it demonstrates the tremendous confusion within the organization, and of course the constant lying.  When it comes to your money though, there is no confusion about that.  They want it and they want it NOW.

To read more of this story go here: http://www.xenu-directory.net/mirrors/www.whyaretheydead.net/krasel/Dec_MPG1_010119.html

and: http://www.xenu-directory.net/mirrors/www.whyaretheydead.net/krasel/Dec_MPG3_010214.html

Maria also wrote a book about her time in Scientology, but since I can’t read Italian I cannot say much about it except to say that judging by what she has written in English it should make for some juicy reading. 

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  1. It is horrible that FLag or any Scientology Organization can legally harass member’s to give in; and give all their money, or make the members open up credit cards and to create a deep debt. Religious documents (Policy Letters) are use as a tool.
    I have a story too. I visited Flag 1986, staff tried to have me to give them money for a Ship. If I gave enough money I could have my name on a plaque on the ship with other people who gave money too. I refused, but I was very timidated by them. Staff wanted to have money for other services too. I was ganged up several times during my short visit to be converted to a Sea Org Staff. They made me feel sooooo bad. I billion year contract was once in front of me. I switched languages; and magically it worked and I got finally out of that situation. I was terrified during another Sea Org recruit in the Auditorium. The whole experience terrified me so much; I was afraid they wouldn’t let me fly out of Tampa; that I would disappear forever without a trace. I was shaking until the airplane was in the air. If they couldn’t get money from me; and almost broke; they wanted me to become a slave worker for them. I tried a few years later coke, or accepted it, so I wouldn’t ever qualify as a Sea Org Staff, otherwise I wouldn’t have any interest in drugs.
    I visited FLAG for the first time at Clearwater to complain about the Class IV Org I belonged to in my town. I found out they were not better; but worse. With help of other ex-member, who gave me support I managed to get out of that cult. I had to go through an intimidating routing form, so I could get my account money back. I managed to get the wiver off. One of my documents states I refuse to give all my money to them in order to go up the Bridge. XX was a hindrance for me to spend all my money to the Church of $cientology; the person had to be ridden of; otherwise I would be declared PTS. (received threat)
    They almost got all my money by harassing me; and stalking me. I was almost broke. I requested the money back; I never got it.
    Scientology messed up my spiritual growth; I wanted to follow my inner heart; and to continue to polish my gem = impossible.
    USA was not my country; I learned cult English.
    I spilt billions of tears over my cheeks; but no Billions Year Contract was signed. I almost lost my health 100%; I survived my physical ailments.
    It is true that they ask money in parts in order to get more. It was done on me.

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