Ex-Scientologist story #76, dangerous to your health.

Brian Canup, former case supervisor Brand Blvd Mission in Glendale, California.  Left Scientology in 1998.  There are a number of reasons why Brian left.  One of them has to be that he once got paid $11.00 for two weeks pay.  In Scientology the alive of the money, the biggest slice, is sent uplines to Scientology management.  The local group lives on what is left.

No, it was not the money issue alone that drove Brian out the door.  He was sick, very sick yet he was refused time off to see a doctor.

“There is truly no way to describe to some who has never had pneumonia just how miserable and painful a serious case can be. When my 1 day a week finally rolled around and I managed to seek medical aid (with a healthy deposit into my bank account by my mother to cover such expenses) the news was dire indeed. After x-rays were taken the doctor informed me that in 14 years of practice he had not seen such an advanced case of pneumonia in a person that wasn’t wheeled in riding a gurney. My right lung was 1/2 filled with fluid and my left was 3/4 full. I asked him just how serious that was. His response chills my even now. “2, maybe 3 more days and you’d more than likely have asphyxiated in your sleep”. I did not find death very agreeable then and certainly don’t now and it is undeniable that the missions inflexibility and Scn wariness of medical doctors came within 72 hours of putting me in the ground.”

To read more of this compelling story go here: http://www.xenu-directory.net/mirrors/www.whyaretheydead.net/krasel/Brian_Canup.html

A former Scientologist talks about medical care in Scientology:  

Brian’s story is not an isolated instance; stories like his abound on the net.  Besides their own crackpot methods of healing the fact is that the cult is too cheap to spend money on their members.  Below is a video about Narconon, the fake Scientology drug rehab program that is very dangerous to anyone caught up in it.  How many have died?  Too many!




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