Ex-Scientologist story #79, Hubbard’s telemarketers

Synthia Fagen and her husband were devoted, long-term Scientologists who left because of the money hungry culture where people were just dollar signs.  She says of her reasons for leaving,  “Six months ago, in November of 2009, my staff contract was up and I did not re-sign. Though I was expected to come back I knew I never would if my concerns were not addressed. They never were.

I was the IAS Membership Officer (of all posts!). My husband was, at the time, the Chief Academy Sup and had been on staff for 25 years straight. During this last staff contract, the Basics came out and that was the beginning of the end for me as this is when the group engram was laid in.

The Basics evolution was, in my opinion, insane. Where outpoints in the church and its management were not new, here they were coming at us full force, with a vengeance and with a ferocity and velocity that I had never experienced before and it was NOT FUN. Now, DM and the “quota mongers” would state that this was straight up and vertical expansion. After all, the staff were not doing enough so “get used to the rocket ride baby cause we’re clearing the planet for real now”. Unequivocal hogwash.”

More on the hard sales tactics used by the most “ethical” people in the world.

Harassment:  People being called non-stop, daily, no matter how many times they asked not to be and, after being harassed by the org, being put in a stack of “ARC X” folders. One gentleman told our ED that he literally felt so depressed that he thought of taking his own life because of our unrelenting calls. He said he counted that one day, he received 63 calls.”

“Oh, there’s so much more. Lots of cross orders and cross regging and impossible money targets and I could go on and on. I felt like everyday on post was all about money and I was engaging in behavior that I felt wrong about just so that I wouldn’t appear reasonable or off-purpose. I started to lose self-respect.”

Once she started looking on the internet Synthia knew that she was part of a scam.  She told her husband and after some very hard thinking and soul searching he joined her in leaving Scientology.  Stories like hers are now being repeated around the world.  The cult in dying, I only wish it was a faster death.

To read the rest of this compelling story go here: http://leavingscientology.wordpress.com/2010/05/26/standing-up-to-be-counted-synthia-fagen/

Update; For more of what Synthia has to say about the greed of Scientology check this story out.

Pervasive pitch: Scientology book and lecture series, ‘The Basics,’ unleashes a sales frenzy

By Joe Childs and Thomas C. Tobin, Times Staff Writers  In Print: Monday, November 14, 2011.


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